HOSTING Launches Cloud Services Business Insights Tool

HOSTING has launched a new business insights tool that provides visibility into HOSTING’s cloud service.

Web Host Industry Review, May 7, 2013 – A March 2013 article in Forbes by Louis Columbus (“Why Cloud Computing Is Slowly Winning The Trust War.”) says, “Trust is the greatest accelerator there is in cloud computing’s growing adoption, and that’s earned when cloud applications get beyond simple metrics to delivering insights and useful intelligence on secured platforms.”

But, as an industry, are we doing this today? As the market evolves, we must investigate – and ultimately address – these problems in order to move cloud forward. HOSTING, a leading managed cloud services provider, recently addressed this issue with the launch of HOSTING 360° Report, a cloud operations visibility tool that goes beyond annual audits or low-level data dumps. It delivers both historical and predictive cloud operations information that provides real-time, automated insight that is immediately actionable, including details on how well security and compliance requirement are being met.


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