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While the AWS cloud platform boasts a robust set of tools, it offers little in the way of monitoring. But now, developers can have their AWS tools AND a comprehensive monitoring solution. As part of our Unified Cloud vision, HOSTING has partnered with ScienceLogic to offer infrastructure monitoring for AWS. In our latest webinar, Monitoring Your AWS Environment? It Gets Better!, Bill Santos, President of HOSTING Advanced Solutions and Antonio Piraino, Chief Technology Officer for ScienceLogic, teamed up to review HOSTING Monitoring Solutions and compare it to that of AWS. Missed it? Following are some highlights. And be sure to view the on-demand webinar which includes a demo of the HOSTING Monitoring Solution.

State of AWS Monitoring Today

Showing some growing pains. Skim through AWS documentation, and you’ll find that Amazon CloudWatch has the following limitations:

  • Metric data is only kept for two weeks.This is fine for up/down availability tracking. However, it can be challenging for organizations interested in tracking trends and analyzing issues over a longer period of time.
  • AWS CloudWatch is biased towards basic Alert/Action/Notification features. It is not designed for diagnostic or strategic analysis.
  • Amazon CloudWatch only monitors AWS services.
  • Amazon CloudWatch also has some challenges with scale. Organizations wonder how they can manage a growing environment without unnecessary noise and issues.
  • With Amazon CloudWatch, customers often ask “What else can be done with collections? What other metrics can I capture and use to create information and insights to manage my environment?”

And the one of the biggest limitations?

As of June, 2015, ASW CloudWatch collects 176 metrics. The HOSTING Monitoring solution collects more than 1,020 metrics.

Customers want more from their monitoring solutions, including:

  • A larger breadth of services collected with deeper insights
  • Customization and personalization of their environments
  • The ability to extend monitoring capabilities

That’s where HOSTING  Monitoring Solutions comes in.

HOSTING Monitoring Solutions

Customers want a consistent experience across a broader set of cloud options, including AWS and Azure. Based on world-class technology from our partner, ScienceLogic, HOSTING Monitoring Solutions provides ultimate visibility and control of cloud deployments via a single pane of glass, along with the following benefits:

  • Multiple deployment options – Customers can determine the level of monitoring they need, as well as the involvement and support they want from HOSTING.
  • Utility-based pricing options  – Customers don’t want a lot of upfront costs. HOSTING Monitoring Solutions captures hardware, software and support costs in a clear, easy to understand billing statement.
  • Customer-specified log duration – Customers want  more than two weeks of information from  their monitoring services. HOSTING Monitoring Solutions provides a historical view into key metrics and collections that are critical to applications.
  • Support for Unified Cloud Vision – While Amazon CloudWatch is limited to AWS offerings, HOSTING Monitoring Solutions supports a variety of cloud platforms including:
    • VMware
    • AWS
    • Azure

Use case: Best zone for your dollar 

Beyond day-to-day system visibility, HOSTING Monitoring Solutions provides insight into performance history that is essential for making informed, strategic decisions to optimize systems and enable future growth. ScienceLogic’s Antonio Piraino described a number of effective use cases for HOSTING Monitoring Solutions, including selecting the best historically reliable performance zones. Case in point: CloudWatch keeps metrics for two weeks, making it difficult for organizations to track which availability zones have a greater likelihood of outages. An organization pays the same price for deploying a particular Amazon service in two different availability zones. However, Zone A has a much greater history of outages. Therefore, it would make sense to deploy in Zone B. Without HOSTING Monitoring Solutions, customers are at risk for spending money and deploying to zones that don’t provide the best return for the investment.

Detect disruptions and boost performance with HOSTING Monitoring Solutions. Contact us to learn more. You can also peruse the HOSTING Monitoring Solutions FAQs for additional insights.

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