HOSTING Unified Cloud Keeps Your Legacy Applications Alive

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IT outages and stability issues are common challenges facing business customers of popular cloud services companies. Especially when the cost of data center downtime at $7,900 per minute is high enough to grind your business to a halt, you just can’t tolerate IT service outages. Large vendors would like you to believe their infrastructure is designed for flawless performance and stability. But the fact remains that not every application is built to modern design patterns where each app component expects to live in an ephemeral compute environment where assets can be launched and destroyed at any time. And perhaps that’s exactly how a majority of IaaS vendors treat your business applications as well. Not because they might just be correct, but because their IaaS offerings are not always built upon highly available architecture

Almost unbelievable, right? This isn’t an accident. Consider the case of Netflix. The company famously created a piece of software called the Chaos Monkey to help them find success on AWS. The Chaos Monkey obliterates a random AWS compute instance every 30 minutes without warning, to ensure that every part of the Netflix infrastructure can truly survive the unpredictable host outages that they are subjected to.

Does your organization operate on the same scale and financial resources to fund, develop and operate enterprise-grade tooling merely to guarantee availability? It’s a promise that vendors commit to, yet fail to deliver.

Or can you let go of all legacy applications running on their IaaS network and invest in redeveloping your software products from scratch before questioning their availability performance?

Well how about relying on providers that guarantee continuous availability for your applications as they are. With the multi-cloud network built for high availability for all of your legacy applications, HOSTING promises just that.

HOSTING Unified Cloud™

For legacy applications that rely upon continued availability of the underlying IT systems – which holds for almost every app in production today – HOSTING provides highly-available public and private cloud platforms that can be integrated directly with your 3rd party cloud assets through extremely low-latency and dedicated network connections. HOSTING’s managed services are available across all of the leading public and private platforms, which means you can use the right tools for your applications in a truly unified fashion. Use the right tools for each workload and have the confidence that each will be protected from threats, and will remain always available with HOSTING Unified Cloud.

HOSTING’s highly available cloud platform is designed to ensure 100% application availability for legacy applications that were not developed to run on AWS, Azure, or Rackspace, among others. HOSTING’s Unified Cloud frees you from your real IT burden, regardless of which platforms you choose to operate on. To learn more, download Leveraging the Unified Cloud for Business Transformation white paper.

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