How Disaster Recovery as a Service Could Have Saved Toy Story 2

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According to a recent article in Information Age, the popular Pixar move, Toy Story 2, almost didn’t make it into theaters. In what is now movie folklore, a simple command line resulted in the full deletion of most of the production files of Toy Story 2 from a studio server. While the studio made daily backups of production files, they didn’t realize the command error until they attempted to restore the lost files. Panic ensued when they realized that the backup solution hadn’t worked. And back in 1998, when the movie was produced, there was no Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). But fortunately for Pixar, an employee produced a single copy of the movie that she had taken home the week before. Jobs were saved, the movie premiered and that employee was (hopefully!) rewarded with a huge promotion.

The Benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service

Fast-forward to today, and most cloud-savvy people, would smirk and say, “Well of course, this would have been avoided if Pixar had had a DRaaS solution in place.” Give Pixar break – back in 1998, backing up essential files was a complex, time-consuming process. Today, organizations are realizing that a DRaaS solution allows them to quickly and easily recover data without so much as a hiccup to their daily operations. And some DRaaS solutions enable IT administrators to determine the level of protection at the server level. So servers containing mission-critical data applications can be set to recover immediately. Other servers with less critical data can be set with a longer Recovery Time Objective.

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While there are numerous benefits to a cloud-based DRaaS solution, regular testing, including data and application recovery, must be factored in. Following are ways to make the process more efficient.

3 Ways to make DRaaS more efficient

1) Plan out your DRaaS testing in advance

The great thing about cloud-based DRaaS is that it combines public cloud with SaaS automation. As a result, testing can be done frequently, without impacting performance of your regular physical infrastructure. You also don’t need to burden IT personnel with checking system configurations. And depending on the application, testing can be performed in as little as 15 minutes.

2) Take advantage of potential cost savings

Many cloud service providers, such as HOSTING, offer pay-as-you-go pricing so that organizations never pay for services that they don’t use. By putting DR solutions in the cloud, companies aren’t burdened with having redundant architecture in-house that they rarely use.

3) Encourage regular testing

With DRaaS, the cloud service provider handles all of the testing. All you need to do is validate that the applications perform and function as expected. And practice makes perfect. The more organizations encourage their employees to test their DR, the better prepared they will be in the event of an actual disaster.

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