Data Breach: Don’t Get Caught with Your Pants Down

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The need to protect your data against internal and external security threats is paramount to successful adoption of innovative new enterprise technology trends. Your organization cannot embrace the cloud movement without enforcing adequate controls on data security to ward off rising data breach threats facing your modern, data-driven company. Effective data security strategies go well beyond investing in state-of-the-art security solutions. There is no plug-and-play, one-size-fits-all solution to data security. Organizations need to devise a strategic approach to safeguard against the prevalent threat vectors as part of end-to-end data security initiatives.

Where to Start?

The starting point often works as a foundation and baseline standard for new data security efforts. You must approach this phase with the aim of establishing a strong security foundation tailored to the accurate data security needs of your organization. To achieve these goals, the knowledge of what to secure is far more important than wow to secure, and answers to the following questions empowers organizations with this knowledge:

  1. Which data is sensitive?
  2. Who owns and controls that data?
  3. Where is it stored?
  4. Where is it going?
  5. Who will use that data?

Organizations must start with classification and identification of data in terms of risks based on a variety of factors including regulatory compliance, reputation, competition, revenue and budgeting, among others.

People, Processes and Technology

An end-to-end data security strategy encompasses vulnerable technology endpoints, individuals with access to data and processes that pave the way for cybercriminals to infiltrate otherwise secure corporate networks. Secure corporate sponsorship from every stakeholder across all departments and hierarchical layers to ensure everyone works diligently to improve security. In order to secure all front against cybercriminals, you must work with industry experts boasting real-world experience, technical knowledge and technology capabilities to save your organization from a data breach.

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