Top 3 Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

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While the landscape has certainly changed over the last few years, many decision makers are still unaware of the benefits of hybrid cloud computing. Trying to sell these higher level executives on yet another IT-related change can be a difficult prospect. When attempting to influence decision makers within your organization to make the transition to hybrid cloud technology, consider sharing a few of these simple benefits with them:

  • Cost Savings: While any business could benefit from cloud computing, cloud technology isn’t the best idea for all tasks. There are certain processes that are preformed much more efficiently when using dedicated, on-site hardware. With this in mind, IT professionals can help to cut costs by designating which tasks are best suited for each particular technology. By optimizing these processes and boosting efficiency, costs related to overburdened resources can be greatly reduced.
  • Architectural Flexibility: Hybrid cloud technology allows the IT team to organize workloads in the most efficient way possible. This set up can be easily tweaked and adjusted as the situation mandates. The mixture of public and private cloud deployments allows organizations to transition app, resource and data deployment between public and private infrastructure based on evolving business-oriented IT needs. Both on-site servers and off-site cloud resources are available and can also be integrated to provision resources for changing IT needs based on varying business policies.
  • Increased Security: A number of IT professionals are still concerned about security and multi-tenancy when using the cloud. Hybrid cloud technology allows for specified servers to be isolated from these threats. An organization’s devices can be configured to communicate with these servers over a private network.

When properly armed with the necessary information, IT professionals can participate fruitful dialogue with decision makers at their organization. IT professionals must not only operate and maintain a company’s resources, but also advocate for necessary changes and upgrades to organizational infrastructure.

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