And in the beginning there was AWS and Azure…

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While many organizations are drawn to public clouds for savings and cost efficiencies, they soon realize that they lack sufficient resources to architect, migrate, manage or govern their infrastructures for AWS, Microsoft Azure Cloud or Google Cloud Platforms. It is also difficult to justify the expenses of in-house IT experts managing IT infrastructures in public cloud environments.

The allure of AWS and Azure cloud is easy to understand. Both offer organizations unprecedented freedom and flexibility to create custom cloud environments. However, managing these complex infrastructures can be difficult, expensive and distracting to their core business operations. So before adopting these platforms, they should answer the following questions.

  1. Is our infrastructure flexible and scalable? Can we instantly grow to meet IT demands?
  2. Can our business survive a loss of our IT infrastructure? Can we easily move workloads to all corners of the world?
  3. Do we have teams of cloud architects and / or security and operations engineers who can continuously monitor and manage our cloud environments?

Organizations that answer “no” to any of these questions need to consider the benefits of a unified cloud solution. AWS, Azure cloud and the like fall short in providing essential security, compliance and support resources. The HOSTING Unified Cloud bridges solution gaps by combining the flexibility and scalability of these cloud platforms with industry-leading managed services. The result is ONE Partner | ONE View – end-to-end support and visibility into the following:

  • Health and wellness of applications
  • Security and compliance postures
  • Billing and spend management

To get the full story of how a unified cloud approach can help solve real IT challenges download our complimentary white paper, Leveraging the Unified Cloud for Business Transformation.


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