Introducing HOSTING Labs

For the next two decades, the biggest winners in the industry will be those that can capture the hearts and minds of this next generation of innovators over the next two years. Miss the developers, miss the market.

– IDC Predictions 2014

One of the announcements that generated the most buzz at the recent HOSTING Customer Summit was the launch of HOSTING Labs. HOSTING Labs was created by our R&D team with the following goals:

  • Leverage a wealth of HOSTING talent that is not necessarily focused on product development; giving them the opportunity to impact the things that HOSTING is creating within the company.
  • Drive change and innovation from the front lines by utilizing customer feedback that HOSTING receives from its support and operations teams
  • Deepen relationships with HOSTING customers and partners through meaningful connections and interactions with their development teams

HOSTING manages over 15,000 cloud servers across the globe for more than 2,000 companies. As an early proponent and developer of unified cloud solutions, we believe that being creative, collaborative and innovative allows us to identify opportunities and remove potential obstacles for our customers. In that spirit, HOSTING Labs showcases interesting side projects that leverage the power of collaboration, enabling our customers to gain greater insights into their cloud environments.

Innovation and collaboration through HOSTING Labs

While the team at HOSTING Labs swears that all they really do is “combine programmers and engineers with caffeine and pizza,” this initiative focuses the rapid development and release of tools that empower our customers (and the general public) to gain greater insights into their unified cloud environments. All HOSTING Labs projects are released through GitHub, where the HOSTING team can engage developers and engineers who are also on the “front lines” of innovation. Developers can log into GitHub to ask questions, contribute ideas and start conversations regarding any of the HOSTING projects on the site. Current projects include the following:

  1. Ebenezer – Unified Cloud dashboard provides a quick view of your AWS and Azure spend and trends
  2. Atticus – Quickly parse firewall configurations and audit against compliance controls such as PCI DSS
  3. vspp-parser – Quickly parse VMware Usage reports
  4. private-cloud-dsc – Automatically configure Hyper-V private cloud infrastructure using PowerShell Desired State Configuration

“HOSTING Labs was created after successful collaboration between our product development and operations teams on early HOSTING Unified Cloud(TM) projects,” notes Ed Schaefer, HOSTING Director of Research and Development. “The teams were excited at getting their hands dirty with new technologies; they recognized the potential of the Unified Cloud, and realized that they were creating tools that could also be used externally to address the automation and integration needs of our customers.”

HOSTING Labs Benefits

Increase performance

Who doesn’t want to take a break from their daily routine to play with the latest and greatest technology? That’s what HOSTING Labs is all about. And the good news? It can enhance employee productivity. But don’t just take our word for it. Research from the Puppet Labs 2014 State of Dev Ops Report backs this up.

Job satisfaction is the No. 1 predictor of organizational performance. Job satisfaction also correlates with DevOps practices and culture. DevOps practices increase employee satisfaction, which leads to better business outcomes.

– Puppet Labs 2014 State of DevOps Report

Create learning opportunities

HOSTING Labs gives employees a chance to learn and grow their skill sets. Most engineers are tactile learners; experimentation drives innovation and collaboration.

Increase engagement

Increase employee engagement by encouraging innovation. Employees who are allowed to experiment often reveal untapped skills and creativity.

Join HOSTING in the Lab!

Interested in learning about all the innovation going on at HOSTING Labs? We invite you to join the conversation!

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