Jumpstart 2015 with HOSTING’s Technology Checklist

We get it. Just as you were finishing your Thanksgiving leftovers, December arrived with a whole host of deadlines. Now you’re racing against the calendar to wrap up your 2015 planning, budgeting and hiring. 2015 will be here before you know it. Why not start the year right by running through HOSTING’s technology checklist? We guarantee you’ll be ahead of the game when January 2nd rolls around.

Declutter your organization’s network drives

Start with the marketing department since they’re notorious for keeping every old proposal and piece of collateral – you know, just in case they need it someday. Ask every department to get rid of their outdated documents and have them consolidate or eliminate any extra file storage devices, such as Dropbox (you know they have them!) Purging your network drives of outdated or unnecessary files will streamline access to key information across all departments, creating a more efficient digital workplace.

Inventory all of your tech assets

This is particularly important for organizations who have recently adopted Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies. Did your creative director turn in his company laptop when he decided to use his personal one instead? How many cell phones did you issue to the new sales team last quarter? Tally it all up and jot down what needs to be purchased, upgraded, serviced or replaced. That way, you’ll know what to factor into next year’s tech budget. A tech inventory can also help you identify which items can be donated or recycled.

Assess your tech performance

Now is a great time to review the results of your digital outreach efforts including your website, customer portal , social media and email campaigns. Gather as much info as you can about how your customers are interacting with your digital assets so you can leverage what’s working and discard the rest.

Check your organization’s security measures. Check them again.

We’ve all read about the high-profile cyberattacks that companies such as Target, Home Depot and JPMorgan Chase have experienced. While smaller companies don’t grab the same headlines, they are often more vulnerable to security breaches. Confirm that your software upgrades and patches are up to date. Ensure your remote employees have secure access to data. And double check your encryption processes for data at rest and data in transit. Reviewing your security measures and policies will help to minimize potential threats and eliminate those middle-of-the-night calls alerting you to a breach.

Back up business-critical data

And we mean all of it – everything from files on an external hard drive to off-site data storage and cloud computing solutions. While many cloud service providers put the burden of backing up business-critical data on their customers, HOSTING offers secure, efficient managed cloud backup solutions.

Don’t leave CAPEX budget on the table

Nothing says Scrooge like leaving 2014 CAPEX funds unspent. Conducting a year-end assessment of your organization’s technology needs will help you identify opportunities to leverage new solutions that result in greater efficiencies and cost savings.

Need assistance completing your list? HOSTING can help. Call us today to discuss how we can check some items off your list, and enable you to leverage surplus 2014 funds  to pay for monthly managed services in 2015.

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