Low Cost and High Return of Remote DBA Services

For many organizations, October marks the start of budget planning for the following year. With time and resources at a premium, many IT executives are pressured to streamline and automate processes including that of database administration (DBA). Considering that there are seven types of DBAs with widely divergent skills and responsibilities, this is no easy task. In order to reduce costs, optimize IT operations and maintain their competitive advantage, organizations are turning to HOSTING to supply them with remote database administration solutions. Following are a few key reasons why engaging in HOSTING remote DBA services can help maximize your budget while saving your sanity.

Fourteen percent of an IT manager’s time is spent on hiring activities

Let’s say you put in a 60-hour work week. That means you’re spending approximately 8.5 hours on hiring activities – time you could be spending on other revenue-generating activities. Our remote DBA experts possess a solid blend of business acumen and superior technical skills, averaging fifteen (15) or more years of experience in Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL. You engage them; they get to work and start delivering results in less time than it would take for you to screen and hire an in-house resource.

There are seven different types of DBAs – and you need all of them

Unfortunately, your budget only allows you to hire two of them. HOSTING can pinpoint and provide the exact DBA skill set your organization needs to address its business-critical needs including database production, monitoring and performance tuning. So you have just the right skill set at just the right time.

You’re tired of seeing projects languish on your white board

Organizations who engage HOSTING remote DBA services benefit from increased flexibility in their existing IT infrastructure. A remote DBA can offload “invisible” DBA projects that require significant time and resources such as database backups and performance tuning. This frees up your IT team to focus on business-critical initiatives and take on those projects you put on your wish list months ago. So your To-do list actually gets done.

Services are typically delivered on a fixed-cost basis

HOSTING’s remote DBA services can be significantly less expensive than in-house DBAs. Since they are typically delivered on a fixed-cost or retainer basis, IT executives can plan for future expenditures more effectively.

Tracking and auditing of database management work is standard practice

HOSTING remote DBAs provide a full accounting of work performed, including case tracking and resolution analysis. This information can be a valuable IT management tool that provided a more granular breakdown of DBA expenditures.

If you need options to deal with your budget realities, HOSTING can help. Our remote DBAs can provide you with the expertise you need without breaking your budget. Contact us directly to discuss your specific needs. Or download our complimentary white paper, The Low Cost and High Return of Remote DBA Services, for more information.

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