A Match Made in the Cloud – HOSTING Acquires Ntirety

As with any relationship, common values, an unwavering commitment and a shared vision for a bright future are keys to success. So that noise you’re hearing is the sound of champagne corks popping as HOSTING celebrates its announced acquisition of Ntirety, Inc., a Boston-based database administration company. The union combines HOSTING’s managed cloud hosting and professional services platform with Ntirety’s Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL remote and on premise data services. Ntirety’s similar customer focus – mid-size enterprise – and its shared commitment to providing the same high quality of service as HOSTING, make it an ideal match.

hosting acquires ntirety”As the demand for database services has increased across the market as a whole, we’ve been actively evaluating potential companies with complementary service offerings,” said HOSTING CEO Art Zeil. “We are excited that our relationship with Ntirety will further enable us to seamlessly host, manage and protect our clients’ business-critical applications and data in the cloud while providing the exceptional service upon which our customers – and our customers’ customers – rely.”

HOSTING is also leveraging this acquisition to create a new Advanced Solutions division under the leadership of Bill Santos, HOSTING’s former Executive Vice President of Sales and Enterprise Solutions and current President of Advanced Solutions. The combination of HOSTING’s professional  services solution set and Ntirety’s database services is a boon for customers who are seeking a trusted advisor to address their most complex cloud solution needs. As a division of HOSTING, Ntirety will continue to provide remote and on-site database administration (DBA) from its Boston location. Michael Corey, President of Ntirety, will work directly to integrate the companies’ staffs, technologies and operational frameworks while maintaining Ntirety’s respected brand.

“This deal unites two IT powerhouses to form a cloud computing offering – and customer experience – that is second to none,” notes Corey.

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