• Microsoft SQL Server 2014 with In-Memory, powered by HOSTING

    This changes everything.

    In today’s business arena, your speed-to-market depends on rapid decision-making backed by up-to-the-minute information and insights. If you can’t access and leverage real-time business intelligence, you’ll be forced to play catch-up with your competition.

    You’re better than that.

    Fill out the form to the right to receive Microsoft SQL Server 2014 database assessment and migration services for the fixed price of $2500. And remember: if you sign up for a two-year managed database service contract (with a minimum value of $1500) within 60 days of the assessment and migration, HOSTING will credit the cost toward your managed database services.

    Outstanding Technologies, Outstanding Service

    • Enhanced Flexibility — Microsoft SQL Server 2014 supports hybrid IT environments with common tools and the ability to extend applications directly to HOSTING public and private cloud offerings, including those built on the Microsoft Azure Pack.
    • Real-time Business Intelligence — With Microsoft SQL Server 2014 from HOSTING, “In-Memory” data processing happens in RAM, eliminating the need to search for and analyze data on hard disks. Database performance can be accelerated by as much as 30x and legacy applications can be migrated to the new environment with minimal modifications.
    • High Availability and Disaster Recovery — Microsoft SQL Server 2014 from HOSTING delivers AlwaysOn access 24 x 7 x 365. Database access and resiliency is assured with failover clustering, active/passive secondary instances and rapid recovery from scheduled or unscheduled downtime.
    • Expert Database Services — HOSTING Microsoft SQL Server database experts help companies realize the full benefits and associated cost efficiencies of adopting Microsoft SQL 2014. From paper to production, they provide comprehensive migration, integration and data management services so that you can focus on more important things.

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