Why does HOSTING focus on improving monitoring and metrics?
Monitoring services are crucial to businesses. 100% uptime is not optional: it’s a requirement for organizations and their customers. Monitoring capabilities and metrics don’t just help resolve real time issues or problems though. They log important data like availability and capacity metrics, which help in the design and development of the most efficient, reliable and powerful IT solutions.

Why did HOSTING choose ScienceLogic over other monitoring solutions?
ScienceLogic was one of several new platforms that HOSTING evaluated to provide monitoring and trend analysis capabilities for our customer’s hosted solutions. Of the leaders in hybrid IT monitoring solutions, ScienceLogic received the best customer feedback and was best suited to work in a service provider environment such as HOSTING.

Will there be a new interface for accessing monitoring data?
Availability and Capacity Monitoring data will be available via the new HOSTING Customer Portal™, at https://portal.hosting.com/. The existing monitoring solution in the old customer portal (https://customer.hosting.com) will be removed soon after the initial rollout.

Please view the video below to see the functionality in the HOSTING Customer Portal™:

How does this rollout affect my current monitoring coverage?
All customers will continue to have the same monitoring information available to them, accessible through the improved interface in the new customer portal.

Can you explain what the impact is to historical data? Will historical data continue to be available in the customer portal?
Existing historic monitoring data is stored within Zenoss, our current monitoring platform. Soon after the ScienceLogic, the new platform, is available, the old monitoring platform will be decommissioned, and monitoring functionality will be removed from the old customer portal. Unfortunately, HOSTING does not have a method to make the monitoring data collected via the old platform available in the new platform, or in the new customer portal.

It is important to note that this data will not be lost — HOSTING will maintain the last year of monitoring data once the transition is complete. However, you will need to contact HOSTING support with the following details to obtain this data:

  • The device ID or device name for which to obtain the monitoring data;
  • The time period to be obtained; and
  • Which monitored metrics need to be obtained for the requested time period.

HOSTING will only honor requests for historic data from Zenoss until May 29, 2015.

Does ScienceLogic monitoring require an agent to be installed on my devices?
No, ScienceLogic does not require an agent to be installed on monitored devices. Historically, HOSTING’s monitoring solution has utilized SNMP for data collection, and we plan to continue this approach moving forward with the new monitoring platform.

How secure is my monitoring data in ScienceLogic?
HOSTING protects the ScienceLogic environment using the same control environment criteria as we use for all of our cloud infrastructure. These controls and environments have consistently passed PCI, HIPAA, SOC2, SOC3 and more than 400 unique customer and 3rd party audits in the last year alone.

Is ScienceLogic monitoring PCI / HIPAA compliant?
By definition, our ScienceLogic platform is not subject to PCI or HIPAA as we do not use it to store, transmit, or process sensitive information such as credit cards or health records. The solution is segregated from such customer environments in a manner appropriate to scope it out of these controls. That said, HOSTING manages security for the ScienceLogic platform as we do for the remainder of our infrastructure — including components that are in scope for compliance.

Is HOSTING’s ScienceLogic monitoring platform set up with High Availability and Disaster Recovery?
Yes, HOSTING’s ScienceLogic instance is set up with multiple redundant, high-availability data collectors in our data centers in Newark, Denver, Dallas and Louisville. Disaster recovery is also enabled for all collected monitoring data and device configurations. Finally, backups of all monitoring data are performed on a nightly basis.

How does ScienceLogic monitoring impact HOSTING’s requirements for Critical Availability Services?
Critical Availability Service environments are fully supported on ScienceLogic, as they were with our previous monitoring platform.

Will my disaster recovery environment be monitored in ScienceLogic?
Yes. All of your existing disaster recovery monitoring will be ported over to the new ScienceLogic platform.

Will all of my existing HTTP checks and TCP/IP checks be monitored in ScienceLogic?
Yes, all HTTP and TCP/IP checks from the old monitoring platform have been ported over to the new ScienceLogic platform.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
If you have general questions about the changes to monitoring, please feel free to contact Kieran Tie, HOSTING Product Manager, at kieran.tie@hosting.com.

If you have questions that are specific to your solution, please contact your account manager or your support team through the normal channels.