MS SQL Server Databases: Architecture Secrets to Achieve 99.999% Uptime

Now, more than ever, business requirements are demanding 99.999% system availability. Anything less impacts the company’s credibility and revenue. Join HOSTING and XTIVIA, in an engaging presentation on the nuances of architecting and deploying a highly available, world-class MS SQL Server solution. XTIVIA’s Senior SQL Server Consultant and Microsoft SQL Server MVP, Chris Shaw, will bridge the gap between business requirements and technology solutions.

Topics include:

  • Why it’s imperative to architect a highly available MS SQL Server infrastructure
  • What design consideration to take into account when developing the underlying infrastructure
  • The two pieces of information needed to develop a winning solution
  • The options for DR and HA provided by SQL Server and their differences
  • The challenges and obstacles in developing a MS SQL Server solution based on EXPERIENCE, not theory