A New HOSTING Customer Portal for the Holidays

Launching in January of 2014, the new HOSTING Customer Portal will be generally available for all customers. In fact, if you are a current HOSTING customer, you’ve actually had access to the beta since August. (If you need help accessing the customer portal please call 866-918-4678)

The new HOSTING Customer Portal provides a consistent experience for your managed services — all in a single pane of glass. As a former administrator, I found myself wasting time logging into different interfaces to do my job. Not only does the new HOSTING Customer Portal centralize that experience, it is also built on a restful API — one to which customers will soon be exposed.

HOSTING Customer Portal arcadeIn preparation for the launch of the Customer Portal, I felt it was important for customers to have access to it when they visited our office. What better place and time for them to see the actual customer experience? And, I wanted something other than a PowerPoint presentation. A couple of weeks ago, our HOSTING Customer Portal arcade arrived!

In the current beta version of the HOSTING Customer Portal, customers can:

  • Create and manage tickets.
  • Add and modify DNS entries.
  • Get visibility into their load balancers.
  • See monitoring KPIs with trends over time — device alerts, HOSTING Application Monitoring, and HOSTING Cloud Replication.
  • View their dedicated Entourage team members, and learn about their interests.
  • Create solutions from their devices to build 360° monthly reporting.
  • Do much more!

There is a development team dedicated to releasing iterative enhancements every few weeks for the new HOSTING Customer Portal. I would encourage you to be on the lookout for more announcements, as new features and functions become available in the new Portal.


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