Ntirety President Pens Article for DBTA Big Data Sourcebook

Michael Corey, President of Ntirety, a division of HOSTING, joined forces with long-time collaborator Don Sullivan of VMware to pen an article for the second edition of Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) magazine’s Big Data Sourcebook. Beginning on page 22, the article discusses the state of cloud technologies, including the impact of cloud on everyday lives, business and data management. An excerpt: “Just as we don’t do all our shopping at Walmart, we are not going to purchase our entire infrastructure from Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Yet, these commoditized services will continue to evangelize the benefits of a cloud infrastructure and drive more and more companies into the cloud. With bandwidth and accessibility no longer the challenge, organizations will expect more and more from their cloud infrastructure. This will drive them to wider adoption of converged infrastructures to meet customer demand and expectations.”

Download the Big Data Sourcebook: Second Edition.

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