On-Demand Webinars

  • Webinar: The Dangers of DIY Hosting

    Once upon a time there was a software vendor who made a great product and had happy customers.  Then one day, their happy customers demanded to move their deployed software offsite.  So, the vendor set up their own customer data center, and everyone was happy, until one day…

  • Webinar: Don’t Fly Blind in Your Cloud — Introducing 360° Report™

    How do you monitor and assess performance in the cloud? Do you need more visibility and control over your managed cloud environments? Most cloud service providers offer customers little insight into the performance of their offerings beyond an annual audit or low-level data dumps. But businesses need real-time insight that is immediately actionable and details how well a cloud service is meeting their security and compliance requirements.

  • Webinar: Flavors of the Cloud

    Scalability. Agility. Reduced capital expenses. Performance.  There’s no denying that moving applications to the Cloud has distinct advantages. However, because every organization’s IT needs are different, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t meet all the varying infrastructure requirements.

  • Webinar: Finding Your Virtualization Sweet Spot

    The advantages to virtualization are vast, including reduction of capital expenses, elasticity, agility, high-availability, and ease of migration. There are a lot of options in the Cloud hosting space and understanding your company’s preferred “flavor” of the Cloud has become as critical as the platform you use.

  • Webinar: Navigating the Cloud Migration Minefield

    Migrating an existing workload to a new cloud platform is a critical and often risky task. Aggressive timelines, budget pressures, limited manpower, lack of expertise, impact to current systems, and poor project planning are common challenges for organizations facing a migration. The good news is that through advancements in technology, process, and people, migrating to the cloud is now achievable, affordable, and safe.

  • Webinar: The Security Hole in Your Availability Plan

    You’ve likely taken precautions to protect and recover your assets in the case of disaster. But, have you considered how a security breach could impact your business? According to Verizon’s Annual Data Breach Investigation Report, 40% of breaches remain undiscovered for months or years after compromise occurs. During this time the attacker has access to data and resources without the owner being aware of it.

  • Webinar: Closing the Cloud Gap

    Staying competitive in today’s business world requires taking advantage of opportunities to gain a strategic edge. While IT professionals recognize that moving to the cloud gives you an edge, few have a plan to get there. The good news is that through advancements in technology, process, and people, moving to the cloud is achievable, affordable, and safe – today. Fill out the form below to watch the free webinar and learn how you can move toward closing the cloud gap.

  • Webinar: Protecting the Cloud

    Many organizations are considering the cloud as a potential replacement or expansion of their existing IT infrastructure. For most, security is the top issue. First generation cloud architectures have relied on traditional security techniques, particularly for mission-critical applications. These approaches work, but not without adding significant complexity and overhead.