Podcast: What Is the Cloud . . . And Why Should I Care (Part 2)

HOSTING kicked off our Cloud 360 Podcast Series by asking Bill Santos, President of HOSTING, the most important question that organizations ask us – “What is the cloud and why should I care?” A loaded question for sure! Having advised literally hundreds of organizations on how to realize the benefits found in cloud-based solutions, Bill stepped up to the challenge in this cloud podcast with a clear, concise definition of the cloud, followed by expert insights regarding:

  • The essential criteria companies should use to evaluate a cloud-based solution
  • Key considerations when migrating to the cloud including: cost savings, financial flexibility, business agility and scalability
  • How to determine which cloud model works best for your business and why one cloud doesn’t fit all
  • Real-life examples of companies that realized significant benefits from migrating to the cloud, and some “gotchas” that other companies experienced along the way

Listen to Part 1 of Bill’s podcast here.

But Bill doesn’t stop there. In Part 2 of his cloud podcast, Bill shares a few “horror stories” that prevent some companies from moving to the cloud – and how HOSTING addresses them. He also provides a list of essential questions companies should ask when evaluating prospective cloud providers or managed service providers. Some of the questions on Bill’s list might surprise you!

Considering the cloud? Spend a little over 10 minutes listening to Bill’s podcast and arm yourself with a wealth of information to help you confidently move to the cloud or migrate between clouds. We encourage our current and prospective customers to ask us tough cloud questions, so contact us anytime to discuss your company’s specific pain points and requirements.

Visit the HOSTING Resource Page to access our cloud blogs, white papers, webinars and case studies – all designed to help you achieve success in the cloud.

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