Pop Quiz! Is Your Organization Ready for the Cloud?

HOSTING headquarters are located in Denver, Colorado – a city that averages 300 days of sunshine a year. With summer just a week away, the HOSTING team can get a little distracted during our Friday all-hands meetings. We start thinking about our weekend plans – hiking, biking, golf, barbequing, etc.

So what does our COO, Joel Daly, do to keep the team focused on all things related to cloud computing?

He gives us a pop quiz to ensure that everyone at HOSTING has the most up-to-date cloud knowledge, that’s what.  Being experts in cloud computing allows us to provide organizations with the best possible customer experience – before, during and after they migrate to the cloud.

Cloud Computing

So for a little Friday fun, we’re turning the tables on you to test your cloud knowledge. Don’t worry – you won’t be graded on this. And if you have any questions at all, contact our cloud experts anytime. We’d love to help you plan for your success in the cloud!

Pop Quiz – Is Your Organization Ready for the Cloud?  


Question #1 – Is it difficult for your organization to budget for technology purchases?

A)      Absolutely not! Our CFO has mapped out a pro forma balance sheet for the next five years. IT can’t even order extra cases of Mountain Dew without him knowing about it.

B)      Budget? Uh, yeah – we have one. Not sure what it covers though.

C)       We used IT’s Mountain Dew budget to cover the cost of the hardware and servers we need to keep our business running.

Question #2 – How safe are your organization’s digital assets?

A)      Rock solid! The CIO has stored everything on his personal hard drive. We’ll be able to access them once he gets back from his honeymoon.

B)      Extremely safe. We have a paper documents for everything. They take up an entire storage unit, but they’re all there!

C)       Digital assets? You mean the photos from our company picnic?

Question #3 – Complete the following sentence – It is 5:00 pm on Friday and your IT team is . . .

A)      Heading to a happy hour! TGIF!

B)      Helping the new marketing director figure out the password for her department’s Dropbox account. She thinks it may be the same one as her old assistant’s iTunes account.

C)       Scrambling to bring a server back up.

If you scored all A’s,  congratulations – you’re ready to move to the cloud. B’s and C’s?  A consultation with cloud computing leaders may be in order.

No matter what your cloud knowledge may be, a top cloud solution provider (CSP) can help you migrate to the cloud with confidence and realize some big benefits including:

Cost savings – A cloud computing solution means that you no longer have to pay for budget-busting IT infrastructure and servers. You have access to the latest resources from a CSP and pay for only what you use. And you can always purchase additional capacity on demand. So go ahead and order that extra case of Mountain Dew.

Security and protection – A top cloud solution provider will have multi-layer security and monitoring tools in place to protect your business-critical assets – including that picture of your boss leading the three-legged race at the company picnic.

Better resource allocation and deployment – Do you really want your top IT talent focusing their time and attention on the day-to-day activities to keep your business apps running? A cloud computing infrastructure can free up their time, allowing them to focus on building strategies that keep your business ahead of the curve – and your competition.

Need more info? Contact us anytime. Our cloud experts are here to help.

Class dismissed.


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