• Hostway|HOSTING Healthcare Cloud

    The Hostway|HOSTING Healthcare Cloud™ is a suite of secure, compliant cloud solutions that protects sensitive healthcare information (i.e., electronic protected health information (ePHI) and electronic medical records (EMRs)), while meeting specific compliance regulations for HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOC 2 and 3.

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  • Hostway|HOSTING Unified Cloud

    The Hostway|HOSTING Unified Cloud™ is a complete unified cloud solution available on the AWS and Azure platforms. It provides customers with unprecedented flexibility to develop, run and manage custom applications on massive-scale clouds while leveraging the Hostway|HOSTING suite of industry-leading managed services.

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  • Professional Services

    Hostway|HOSTING combines creative problem-solving, unmatched technical skills and deep industry expertise to develop real-world solutions for our customers’ most complex business and IT challenges.

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  • Cloud Hosting

    Ignoring the “one-cloud-fits-all approach,” Hostway|HOSTING provides organizations with innovation, flexibility and choice. Advanced security and compliance features ensure that customers migrate to the cloud with confidence.

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  • Managed Hosting Services

    Your IT Dream Team – whenever you need them. Hostway|HOSTING partners with in-house IT teams to fine-tune strategies, manage operational details and drive business efficiencies.

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  • Compliant Hosting

    Hostway|HOSTING certified information security and compliance experts offer a complete range of compliant hosting solutions to meet the most stringent HIPAA, PCI  DSS and SOC 2 and 3 obligations – all backed by Hostway|HOSTING 100% Audit Assurance.

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Your Company is Unique. So Are We.

Some cloud service providers hang their hats on cloud infrastructure, paying scant attention to performance, availability and security. Others take infrastructure for granted and seize every opportunity to upsell their customers with a steady stream of services (whether they need them or not).

We’re better than that.

Hostway|HOSTING ignores the “one-cloud-fits-all” approach and avoids jumping on any “cloud bandwagons.” We provide proactive, forward-thinking cloud products and services that meet our customers’ evolving business needs and enable them to realize meaningful results. Whether an organization is new to the cloud, looking to expand its cloud presence or needs to migrate to a cloud leader that truly understands its requirements, our team helps them anticipate and respond to new service opportunities, consumer demands and compliance regulations.

From colocation to cloud Hostway|hosting to managed services, Hostway|HOSTING cloud architects serve as trusted business partners to our customers. We bring to bear a depth of knowledge and expertise that is unmatched in the marketplace. But we’re not about tooting our own horn. We let independent analysts like Gartner do that for us.

Simply put: our cloud pros develop custom solutions to enable organizations to streamline operational expenses, increase revenues and plan for future growth.

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