• From Public to Private to Hybrid – When It Comes to Cloud Hosting, We Have it All

    Availability, backup and recovery services, security and cloud compliance services and application support services are provided on top of our managed cloud hosting foundation.

    These services allow our customers to build a solution that addresses multiple IT requirements and to take advantage of all that secure cloud hosting has to offer. In addition, our professional services team helps empower companies – because managed cloud hosting is more than maintaining operations; it’s about business cloud solutions that help companies design, build, migrate, manage and protect data assets throughout the cloud lifecycle.

    We were cautious about moving any of our infrastructure to the cloud, but the enterprise class architecture that Hostway|HOSTING deployed along with their customer portal, which lets us manage multiple environments from one place, sold us on the idea of at least testing the cloud.

    Luke Tuttle, CIO, ClearSaleing

    Hybrid Cloud Hosting

    Unlike some providers who use a “one-size-fits-all” approach, our hybrid cloud hosting server architectures can be “mixed and matched” to create a hybrid managed cloud environment fully suited to the organization’s unique requirements. — Explore

    Public Cloud Hosting

    For those companies looking to quickly spin up a server and adjust their resources without the need for a dedicated environment, the Hostway|HOSTING public cloud has proven to be just the solution they were searching for. — Explore

    Private Cloud Hosting

    The Hostway|HOSTING private cloud is ideal for organizations that are looking for the flexibility of the cloud combined with the security of a dedicated environment. It is a managed cloud hosting solution built on a single-tenant (dedicated) environment powered by VMware. — Explore

    Cloud Backup

    The Hostway|HOSTING cloud backup solution uses advanced, disk-based technology to back up data from a Hostway|HOSTING data center or an organization’s on-premises environment to a geographically diverse HOSTING data center. Our highly-redundant, storage architectures deliver rapid recovery— often four times faster than tape backup. — Explore

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