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    Private Cloud Hosting: Maximum Flexibility, Fully Dedicated

    What is the Hostway|HOSTING Private Cloud? It is a managed cloud solution built on a single-tenant (dedicated) environment powered by VMware.

    Each virtual machine (VM) has its own operating system and set of applications customized to meet an organization’s needs. Private cloud hosting (or a virtual private cloud) allows organizations to leverage lower price-points associated with virtualization without placing their infrastructure in a shared environment.

    Customers are provided with administrative access to their VM or VMs, allowing them to install and manage custom applications. Additionally, customers have access to the Hostway|HOSTING Customer Portal™ and our round-the-clock, dedicated support team to modify VM resources including vCPU, RAM and storage. Pool resources across the company, move workloads seamlessly between private cloud servers, lower operational costs, and avoid upfront capital expenses with the Hostway|HOSTING Private Cloud.

    Private cloud hosting from Hostway|HOSTING is available in two deployment options: fully managed by us, or self-managed by you:

    Hostway|HOSTING Managed Private Cloud Hosting

    Hostway|HOSTING manages the infrastructure with licensing, monitoring and management of the virtualized operating system. Our certified cloud architects create custom private cloud solutions using our primary storage services and/or separately purchased customer storage. Select from our catalog of private cloud servers, extensive software, and managed services to customize your dedicated virtualized cluster. Advantages include:

    • Dedicated hosting environment
    • Enhanced security and compliance
    • Fault tolerance
    • Unprecedented scalability
    • On-demand resources managed via the self-service Hostway|HOSTING Customer Portal

    Your customized private cloud hosting solution will be hosted in one of our strategically located data centers. The platform allows physical servers to be partitioned into self-contained virtual machines, each with its own operating system and set of applications.

    Searching for speed, scalability and security in a dedicated environment? Contact our cloud solution architects to learn more about our private cloud solutions or click through to read about the Hostway|HOSTING public cloud and Hostway|HOSTING hybrid cloud.

    Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits


    1. Ability to provision and manage through the Hostway|HOSTING Customer Portal™ and API
    2. Ability to leverage the Hostway|HOSTING Public Cloud™
    3. Available custom network services including firewalls and load balancing


    1. Dedicated resources
    2. Guaranteed performance
    3. 24 x 7 x 365 expert support




    Customer Portal

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