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    It may be hard to believe but just two years ago, many organizations were still skeptical of cloud computing.

    Concerns about security and regulatory compliance dominated any conversation they had with cloud solution providers. But as time went on and more and more organizations recognized the incredible capabilities – and competitive advantages – that strategic use of managed cloud services can offer, the tides turned.

    Today, the conversation has shifted from “Why should we use the cloud?” to “What can we achieve in the cloud?” At the same time, increased government regulations, costs and pressures to provide top-tier customer experiences are driving organizations to seek expert hosting partners who can assure their data assets remain wholly secure, protected and in compliance.

    Hostway|HOSTING delivers secure, compliant, always-on cloud solutions that empower our customers to increase their revenues, manage their risk and maintain their compliance.

    We offer a complete range of compliant hosting services to satisfy organizations’ HIPAA, PCI and other compliance obligations. And you can rest easy knowing that our compliant cloud solutions are backed by our 100% audit assurance guarantee. This means that if a customer receives the Hostway|HOSTING Assured Tier Compliance Services and any compliance issues with Hostway|HOSTING’s services are discovered during a HIPAA or PCI audit, HOSTING will provide the additional investments in the Hostway|HOSTING services necessary to achieve compliance or HOSTING will issue the customer a refund.

    The Hostway|HOSTING compliance team is led by our dedicated, in-house Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and the HOSTING compliance team supported more than 300 audit surveys and meetings in the past year alone. Unlike many cloud solution providers, HOSTING serves as a true partner who shares compliance responsibility with customers via our industry-leading Business Associate Agreements. From colocation to managed servers to cloud services, HOSTING’s solutions are audit-tested and compliant.

    Contact Us today for more information about our Hostway|HOSTING Compliant Hosting Solutions™ or the Hostway|HOSTING Healthcare Cloud™.

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