• In September and October 2014, Redspin – a third-party, objective computer security firm – conducted several security assessments on the HOSTING technical infrastructure. The purpose of these assessments was to determine any lapses in security, rate them by overall risk to the organization, and provide specific recommendations to remediate any threat.

    The services provided to HOSTING included:

    • An External Network Security Assessment, designed to identify threats from an external attacker over the Internet. The purpose of this assessment was to review and evaluate the level of risk associated with Internet-facing infrastructure in terms of password risk, software flaws, and security misconfigurations.
    • A HIPAA Security Risk Analysis, designed to test both the security of HOSTING’s internal infrastructure (such as servers and workstations), and to evaluate policies and procedures that are in place. These results were then cross-referenced with HIPAA guidelines and industry best practices in order to provide a holistic view of HOSTING’s security posture.

    Redspin is pleased to affirm that HOSTING has taken the necessary steps to qualify as a Redspin Security Assessed Vendor, and demonstrated their good standing regarding HIPAA compliance. Redspin believes that due to these strong security measures, HOSTING customers may rest assured that HOSTING provides a secure and compliant solution.

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