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    Hostway|HOSTING Managed Compliance ServicesTM for PCI

    As hard as it may  be to believe, PCI certification can often slip through the cracks. A recent analysis of annual PCI compliance assessments on more than 500 large organizations showed that only 11% of enterprises maintained their compliance status between assessments. With more than 400 controls and sub-controls that must be implemented correctly as part of PCI certification, many companies often view PCI compliance as a one-off activity, rather than a year-round risk mitigation initiative.

    With Hostway|HOSTING Managed Compliance ServicesTM, organizations seeking PCI certification can create effective PCI compliance programs based on clearly defined systems, processes and personnel that store, process or access card holder data. This “PCI compliance as a service” offers advanced monitoring tools to ensure that compliance is proactively maintained on an ongoing basis. A PCI Level 1 Certified Service Provider since 2005, Hostway|HOSTING is the leader in PCI Compliance as a Service (CaaS).

    Dynamic, measurable compliance through the Hostway|HOSTING Compliance DashboardTM

    The Hostway|HOSTING PCI Compliance DashboardTM is a simple and secure means for organizations to implement, monitor and manage compliance activities across multiple departments. Companies can leave paper documentation and manual processes behind and create a comprehensive, electronic audit trail. Automated alerts allow them to stay ahead of the compliance curve while proactively addressing any incidents that could put their compliance statures at risk.

    Risk analysis and gap mitigation

    Organizations are often sidelined by the lack of knowledge and expertise needed to understand which PCI regulations apply to their specific business. Without this operational intelligence, they unknowingly find themselves at risk and out of compliance. This can lead to significant fines, revenue loss and brand damage.

    The Hostway|HOSTING Compliance Risk AssessmentTM provides clarity into an organization’s current compliance posture. Led by our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), our team of compliant cloud experts assesses an organization’s existing cloud environment against PCI DSS regulations including the following areas:

    • Perimeter Layer
    • Application Layer
    • Network Layer
    • Physical Layer
    • Server Layer
    • Administrative Controls

    Industry-leading compliance and security expertise

    Via monthly, one-on-one consultations, the Hostway|HOSTING compliance experts provide insights into every compliance requirement including secure infrastructure, gap analysis, remediation audit, ongoing security and compliance monitoring, and incident and response forensics. They regularly review an organization’s environment to ensure proper actions are being taken to mitigate risk and secure critical applications, sensitive information and regulated data.

    Security and compliance backed by the Hostway|HOSTING 100% Audit Assurance Guarantee

    A Level 1 PCI DSS Certified Service Provider since 2005, Hostway|HOSTING has provided managed compliance solutions for organizations ranging from Level 1 service providers to Level 4 merchants. In addition, our compliance services are backed by the Hostway|HOSTING 100% Audit Assurance Guarantee. If an organization engages in Hostway|HOSTING Assured Tier Compliance Services, and any compliance issues are discovered during a HIPAA or PCI audit, Hostway|HOSTING will provide the additional investments necessary to achieve compliance.

    Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits


    • Proven, methodical approach based on clearly defined systems and processes for storing, processing and accessing card holder data (CHD) for PCI Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 businesses
    • Dynamic, measurable compliance tracking with automated alerts and email notifications. Risks can easily be identified and addressed.
    • Consistent monitoring of GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) via the Hostway|HOSTING HIPAA Compliance DashboardTM
    • Monthly, one-on-one consultations with Hostway|HOSTING information security and compliance experts
    • A variety of service levels to meet organizations’ specific compliance needs


    • Outlines every regulatory obligation under PCI DSS
    • Compliance monitoring and report tools enable organizations to build an “electronic book of evidence” for potential audits
    • Services provided by a Level 1 PCI DSS Certified Service Provider
    • Backed by Hostway|HOSTING 100% Audit Assurance
    • Dedicated information security and compliance teams readily sign Business Associate Agreements as a standard practice
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