• Mission-critical Solutions for Healthcare

    By engaging in strategic partnerships with industry-leading security providers, HOSTING creates complete solutions to help organizations meet and maintain HIPAA compliance requirements for Office of Civil Rights (OCR) audits. The HOSTING Healthcare CloudTM provides a comprehensive suite of applications that enable organizations to store, access, safeguard and use electronic protected health information (ePHI) with confidence, including:

    • Healthcare availability services
    • Healthcare disaster recovery solutions
    • Compliant healthcare storage

    Unlike other cloud providers, we proactively engage our clients and any necessary subcontractors in a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) – a practice that reinforces our commitment to meeting compliance regulations while providing unmatched customer service.

    HOSTING has exceeded our standards in every capacity whether it’s customer support, price, product, end results or reliability.

    Michael Gaines, Chairman of the Board, Suncoast Solutions

    HOSTING Hybrid Cloud

    At the core of the HOSTING Healthcare Cloud is our managed hybrid cloud. Secure, scalable and compliant, HOSTING hybrid cloud solutions combine the benefits of public and private clouds by enabling server architectures to be “mixed and matched” to create a wholly customizable hybrid managed cloud environment. HOSTING hybrid clouds are supported by one team, are located behind one firewall and are audited to the same auditing metrics for HIPAA, HITECH and PCI DSS.

    Security control environments can differ among platforms. Some organizations want to store their base workloads in a dedicated private cloud, but want the ability to burst into a public cloud for high demand activities or transient workloads. However, they are often stymied due to security and compliance requirements. HOSTING is among a handful of cloud providers whose public and private clouds are certified for compliance and certified to the same extent as private clouds.

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    HOSTING Healthcare Availability Services

    Many cloud providers claim to offer HIPAA compliant solutions, yet fail to realize that security and compliance are only part of the equation. Immediate access to protected health information 24 x 7 x 365 is a critical component of the HOSTING Healthcare Cloud.

    The HOSTING Healthcare Cloud includes built-in high availability, testable recovery strategies and round the clock monitoring and response. Mission-critical information assets are protected against human error and data loss. And since healthcare organizations have the stringent requirements for uptime and performance, the HOSTING Healthcare Cloud includes the HOSTING Critical Availability Service™, which delivers certified, tested and proven configurations wrapped in an advanced service level agreement (SLA).

    HOSTING healthcare availability services deliver redundant architectures to prevent an entire production site from going down, should an individual component fail. And our disaster recovery services provide a failover site and backup capabilities to protect from downtime and data loss in the event of a clinical or natural disaster.

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    HOSTING Healthcare Disaster Recovery

    Pursuant to the HIPAA / HITECH and Meaningful Use Stage 2 guidelines, healthcare providers must develop a disaster recovery (DR) environment for their primary electronic health records (EHR) application and electronic medical records (EMR) systems. The Federal Register cited NIST-800 guidelines as a model for the DR environment. However, many providers are challenged to meet these requirements on their own, citing cost and complexity.

    Led by our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), the HOSTING team of healthcare compliance and data security experts creates comprehensive, forward-thinking healthcare disaster recovery programs that exceed recommended design and performance guidelines. We combine replication, backup services and hosting across six compliant data centers that are SOC2-audited and PCI-certified. Our comprehensive disaster recovery services help companies meet regulatory compliance requirements while ensuring the availability, integrity and confidentiality of their data.

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    HOSTING Compliant Healthcare Storage

    The explosion of healthcare data is leading CIOs to adopt cloud storage solutions for remote storage, archiving and information sharing. Given the complex security, availability and compliance requirements, healthcare CIOs must carefully vet potential providers. The HOSTING compliant healthcare storage solution ensures that mission-critical data, including ePHI, is located in a secure environment, isolated from other IT architectures yet accessible for authorized practitioners. End-to-end data encryption ensures that ePHI is safeguarded at all times.

    Unlike other cloud providers, HOSTING extends its storage offerings beyond security to ensure the highest levels of availability. Integrated into our storage solution is a comprehensive healthcare disaster recovery plan that includes fault-tolerant, testable recovery strategies to ensure that data is continuously online and accessible by authorized personnel in cases of human error, data breaches and manmade or natural disasters.

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    HIPAA Privacy and Security Attestation
    HOSTING has completed the HIPAA Privacy and Security attestation through an audit performed by an independent consulting firm. The examination concluded that HOSTING meets or exceeds HIPAA requirements. Learn more about our HIPAA Privacy and Security Attestation.

    HOSTING HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting and Managed Services

    HOSTING ensures that its datacenters, employees, procedures, processes, and policies meet the HIPAA Administrative Safeguards (45 C.F.R. 164.308) and Physical Safeguards (45 C.F.R. 164.310) applicable to HIPAA Business Associates. Further, HOSTING HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting and Managed Services help HOSTING customers address the HIPAA Technical Safeguards (45 C.F.R. 164.312).

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  • Business Associate Agreement

    HOSTING takes our customers’ compliance requirements seriously. Unlike many cloud providers, we sign Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with our healthcare clients. And we keep our BAAs concise and to the point.

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  • HIPAA Capabilities

    Our in-house HIPAA compliance experts collaborate with the world’s leading healthcare organizations to help them mitigate risk, manage requirements and remain compliant.

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  • 100% Audit Assurance

    HOSTING offers a complete range of compliant hosting services to satisfy HIPAA, PCI and SOX obligations. All HOSTING Assured Tier Compliance Services are backed by our 100% Audit Assurance guarantee.

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  • Compliance Controls

    Achieving compliance is only the beginning. The HOSTING compliance team is available to monitor critical controls to ensure an organization’s cloud environment remains compliant.

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  • Compliance Solutions

    Led by our in-house, dedicated Chief Information Security Officer, the HOSTING compliance team provides the tools, resources and expertise to ensure organizations achieve and maintain compliance.

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  • ITIL Methodology

    The HOSTING service delivery model is based on ITIL – accepted worldwide as the leading IT delivery methodology – and is fully customized to meet the specific needs of our customers.

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