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    HOSTING Healthcare Cloud DesktopTM

    Meaningful Use requires healthcare providers to use certified electronic health record (EHR) technology to improve quality, safety and efficiency of care while engaging patients and family in care coordination. At the same time, clinicians rely on tablets and smartphones to access protected health information (PHI), regardless if their organizations have formal Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in place. While BYOD provides employees with convenient access to sensitive data, it also exposes potential weaknesses in healthcare organizations’ security and infrastructure.

    HOSTING Healthcare Cloud DesktopTM

    The HOSTING Healthcare Cloud Desktop provides ready access to PHI while enabling healthcare providers to comply with patient privacy regulations under HIPAA and HITECH. PHI is stored and accessed through a secure, centralized cloud environment instead of distributed on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones throughout the facility. Authenticated users have secure access to authorized information from any device at any time and from any location.

    • Data security + IT control
      The HOSTING Healthcare Cloud Desktop streamlines device management and fully controls the way sensitive information is stored in a secure data center. IT departments retain entire control over access privileges and authentication provisions, even with hosted cloud desktop services. Should an employee or contractor leave or be terminated, IT can delete the user from the environment to terminate any and all access.
    • Increased security to meet BYOD policies
      The HOSTING Healthcare Cloud Desktop safeguards PHI from accidental or malicious distribution should a device be lost, stolen or hacked. Multiple security layers include:

      • A client hypervisor that isolates the virtual PC from the underlying host operating system, providing an additional layer of defense against potential cyberattacks and data breaches
      • A standard corporate desktop that can be remotely activated and decommissioned over the Internet. Sensitive data can be securely wiped at any time
      • Encryption solutions address the entire virtual PC, preventing access to data while the user is logged off
      • Restricted access to external media such as USB drives and memory sticks

    Balancing HIPAA compliance, data security and BYOD can be a complicated – and risky – endeavor. The HOSTING Healthcare Cloud Desktop provides greater security, visibility and compliance in a streamlined cloud environment.

    The cost of healthcare data breaches

    • 80 million – the number of electronic records impacted by the Anthem data breach of 2015
    • $259.00 – the average cost of a lost or stolen patient record
    • $1,775,200 – the fine that Concentra agreed to pay the Department of Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights to settle HIPAA compliance violations resulting from a single stolen laptop

    HIPAA Compliance and BYOD

    • HIPAA requires that PHI, including patient names, birthdates and social security numbers not be downloaded to unsecured personal devices
    • IT teams must be able to block and control critical information before it is downloaded to BYOD devices via a set of pre-determined rules that detect and recognize PHI
    • In the case of an employee departure, IT must have the ability to selectively “wipe out” any corporate data, leaving the employee’s personal data or data from any other account intact
    • Healthcare regulations must maintain detailed audit logs that from an “electronic book of evidence” of their compliance activities including user information, location, IP address, type of device (e.g. smartphone, tablet or laptop), URLs accessed, etc.

    Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits


    • Provides a complete virtual desktop for a fixed monthly fee
    • Shared resource model means “power when you need it”
    • Redundant architecture for high availability
    • Flexible architecture provides rapid response to business needs
    • Proactive monitoring provides increased availability and responsiveness
    • Ubiquitous access for improved productivity and agility
    • Secure infrastructure reduces threats
    • Support for mobile workforces
    • Improved performance isolation


    • Compliance Support – IT teams can confidently monitor the data, applications and information moving through their systems.
    • Increased Agility – Organizations can leverage the technology to quickly update desktop images (including operations systems and applications) to meet specific business requirements as they arise.
    • Long-term Solution – Rather than having to refresh hardware every few years, HOSTING Cloud Desktop customers take advantage of modern solutions as they become available, with the access devices often remaining in place for seven years or more.
    • Unmatched Scalability – Virtual cloud desktop environments are increasingly flexible, allowing organizations to scale virtual desktops up and down with a click of a mouse.
    • No Hidden Fees – HOSTING Cloud Desktop services are kept at a low monthly cost, which includes all servers, networking, patching, antivirus and licensing. Organizations know exactly what they have to pay for and when, no surprises.
    • Capital Budget Recovery – In today’s business environment, capital budgets can be tough to find . . . and keep. HOSTING Cloud Desktop replaces the capital requirement with a simple monthly fee, funded through an operating budget.
    • Any Device, Any Place – The HOSTING Cloud Desktop Solution gives employees, contract workers, partners and other trusted partners secure access to applications and data from any
      authorized corporate or personal device (e.g. desktop, laptop, thin appliance, smart phone, etc.)

    HOSTING HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting and Managed Services

    HOSTING ensures that its datacenters, employees, procedures, processes, and policies meet the HIPAA Administrative Safeguards (45 C.F.R. 164.308) and Physical Safeguards (45 C.F.R. 164.310) applicable to HIPAA Business Associates. Further, HOSTING HIPAA Compliant Cloud HOSTING and Managed Services help HOSTING customers address the HIPAA Technical Safeguards (45 C.F.R. 164.312).

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  • Business Associate Agreement

    HOSTING takes our customers’ compliance requirements seriously. Unlike many cloud providers, we sign Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with our healthcare clients. And we keep our BAAs concise and to the point.

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  • HIPAA Capabilities

    Our in-house healthcare compliant hosting experts collaborate with the world’s leading healthcare organizations to help them mitigate risk, manage requirements and remain compliant.

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  • 100% Audit Assurance

    HOSTING offers a complete range of compliant hosting services to satisfy HIPAA and PCI obligations. All HOSTING Assured Tier Compliance Services are backed by our 100% Audit Assurance guarantee.

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  • Compliance Controls

    Achieving compliance is only the beginning. The HOSTING compliance team is available to monitor critical controls to ensure an organization’s cloud environment remains compliant.

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  • Compliance Solutions

    Led by our in-house, dedicated Chief Information Security Officer, the HOSTING compliance team provides the tools, resources and expertise to ensure organizations achieve and maintain compliance.

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  • ITIL Methodology

    The HOSTING service delivery model is based on ITIL – accepted worldwide as the leading IT delivery methodology – and is fully customized to meet the specific needs of our customers.

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