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    Healthcare Data Security Solutions

    Data breaches cost the healthcare industry $6 billion annually; the average economic impact of a data breach per organization is $2,134,800.

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    Hostway|HOSTING Healthcare Security BundleTM

    Nearly 200 healthcare organizations rely on Hostway|HOSTING to secure their sensitive patient, financial and organizational data. Providing broad coverage of HIPAA and HITECH safeguards, the Hostway|HOSTING Healthcare Security Bundle™ provides unmatched detection and remediation of potential vulnerabilities and intrusions into an organization’s environment. The cloud-based platform requires minimal up-front costs and includes round the clock support from the industry’s most experienced cybersecurity experts.

    Compliant healthcare data security solutions

    The Hostway|HOSTING Healthcare Security Bundle offers advanced cloud security and support services that keep healthcare providers ahead of changing cyber threats. Integrated compliance services mitigate risks for organizations subject to HIPAA/HITECH and PCI DSS compliance regulations. The Hostway|HOSTING Healthcare Security Bundle includes the following features:

    • Integrity Monitoring – detects unauthorized changes, accidental modifications, malware or malicious activity.
    • Threat Management – monitors network and system activity for malicious actions and policy violations. Regular reports allow organizations to pinpoint and address healthcare data security vulnerabilities.
    • Standard Backup – protects customer files in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Restoration can be performed based on specific files or directories, with a 14-day retention period.
    • Log Management and Analysis – automatically collects, transmits, analyzes and archives log data. It identifies compliance and security issues from this data, saving time and money, while reducing complexity.
    • Web Application Firewall – protects business-critical applications and web sites from web application attacks, including zero-day exploits and emerging threats. It offers 24 x 7 monitoring and incident escalation by certified security analysts, along with ongoing tuning and management of the web application firewall.

    Organizations that invest in the Hostway|HOSTING Security Bundle Plus also benefit from Hostway|HOSTING 100% Audit Assurance.

    • Services for hosted environments will pass assessments for HIPAA, PCI DSS, HITRUST, SOC 2 and SOC 3.
    • If the service becomes an impediment to compliance, Hostway|HOSTING will fix the gap at our own expense or allow the customer out of its contract with no penalty, plus provide a refund of up to one month’s service.

    As experts in data security in healthcare, Hostway|HOSTING has completed more than 400 security assessments for its customers at a 100% pass rate.

    The impact of healthcare data security breaches

    • 80 million – the estimated number of customers and employees whose personal information was accessed during the 2015 Anthem breach
    • 91% – percentage of healthcare organizations that have experienced a single data breach
    • 2.3 million – the number of adult victims of medical identity theft

    Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits


    • Intrusion monitoring and detection based on more than 45,000 identified threat signatures
    • Automatic alerts sent directly to an email inbox or mobile device as actionable incidents occur
    • Daily event log monitoring by a team of dedicated, certified information security experts


    • Constant monitoring with minimal upfront costs
    • Automated log collection, storage, reporting, and correlation capabilities across an organization’s IT infrastructure
    • 24 x 7 x 365 expert support

    Hostway|HOSTING HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting and Managed Services

    Hostway|HOSTING ensures that its datacenters, employees, procedures, processes, and policies meet the HIPAA Administrative Safeguards (45 C.F.R. 164.308) and Physical Safeguards (45 C.F.R. 164.310) applicable to HIPAA Business Associates. Further, Hostway|HOSTING HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting and Managed Services help Hostway|HOSTING customers address the HIPAA Technical Safeguards (45 C.F.R. 164.312).

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  • Business Associate Agreement

    Hostway|HOSTING takes our customers’ compliance requirements seriously. Unlike many cloud providers, we sign Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with our healthcare clients. And we keep our BAAs concise and to the point.

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  • HIPAA Capabilities

    Our in-house healthcare compliant hosting experts collaborate with the world’s leading healthcare organizations to help them mitigate risk, manage requirements and remain compliant.

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  • 100% Audit Assurance

    Hostway|HOSTING offers a complete range of compliant hosting services to satisfy HIPAA and PCI obligations. All Hostway|HOSTING Assured Tier Compliance Services are backed by our 100% Audit Assurance guarantee.

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  • Compliance Controls

    Achieving compliance is only the beginning. The Hostway|HOSTING compliance team is available to monitor critical controls to ensure an organization’s cloud environment remains compliant.

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  • Compliance Solutions

    Led by our in-house, dedicated Chief Information Security Officer, the Hostway|HOSTING compliance team provides the tools, resources and expertise to ensure organizations achieve and maintain compliance.

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  • ITIL Methodology

    The Hostway|HOSTING service delivery model is based on ITIL – accepted worldwide as the leading IT delivery methodology – and is fully customized to meet the specific needs of our customers.

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