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    Security and compliance are among the top concerns that IT leaders face today. Faced with an unprecedented explosion of data, many have turned to cloud platforms such as those offered by AWS and Azure. However managing these complex infrastructures can be difficult, expensive and distracting to their core business operations.

    You can outsource your infrastructure. Or you can solve your real IT burden with the HOSTING Unified CloudTM.

    ONE Partner | ONE View

    AWS and Azure fall short in providing essential security, compliance and support resources. The HOSTING Unified Cloud bridges solution gaps by combining the flexibility and scalability of these cloud platforms with industry-leading managed services. The result is ONE Partner | ONE View – end-to-end support and visibility into the following:

    • Health and wellness of applications
    • Security and compliance postures
    • Billing and spend management

    Leveraging the HOSTING Unified Cloud, HOSTING cloud experts help organizations with their most complex IT challenges by:

    • Architecting defensible, resilient environments within distributed, complex cloud platforms
    • Managing risks in a highly regulated, fast-changing threat landscape
    • Maintaining exceptional compliance postures by creating an “electronic book of evidence” to alleviate the burden of compliance audits
    • Providing 24 x 7 monitoring throughout the cloud stack – from applications down to individual resources
    • Ensuring uninterrupted service for business-critical applications

    HOSTING Unified Cloud Services for AWSTM

    HOSTING leads the way in developing a complete unified cloud solution on the AWS Cloud Platform, setting the bar for performance, security and scalability. HOSTING Unified Cloud Services for AWS™ combines unmatched flexibility and scalability of the AWS Cloud Platform with industry-leading managed cloud services. Organizations have the freedom to build, deploy and manage applications in a compliant, secure and highly available environment – backed by the industry’s most aggressive Service Level Agreements (SLAs). — Explore

    HOSTING Unified Cloud Services for Microsoft AzureTM

    HOSTING is the first U.S. partner to collaborate with Microsoft to develop a unified cloud on the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Organizations can leverage a suite of tools and resources to create highly custom applications in a secure, compliant and highly available environment. HOSTING cloud experts provide future-focused planning, management and support to ensure that customer environments adapt with their evolving business needs. — Explore

    AWS and Azure alone lack critical elements necessary for cloud success including:

    • Cloud monitoring, security and support – Organizations that move to AWS or Azure get power, cooling and physical hardware maintenance – period. They must architect, deploy, monitor and manage their cloud environments on their own.
    • Cloud security and compliance – AWS and Azure don’t provide security or compliance services. That means organizations that adhere to compliance regulations as prescribed by HIPAA, PCI and SOC are burdened with building and maintaining compliant cloud hosting environments.
    • High availability – The AWS and Azure platforms work well for testing and development workloads. However, they are the most expensive platforms on which to run production environments. And without applications written specifically for AWS and Azure organizations must deal with frequent outages.

    Why invest in expensive infrastructure alone when you can have the same proven availability, management and security services that more than 2,000 HOSTING customers rely on each and every day?

    HOSTING manages the cloud so you can manage your business.

    Request a quote today from our cloud architects to discover how the HOSTING Unified Cloud can benefit your business.

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  • HOSTING Unified Monitoring SolutionsTM

    HOSTING Unified Monitoring Solutions continuously monitor an enterprise’s entire infrastructure stack, delivering a unified view of systems to track resource availability and capacity usage. Organizations can leverage these insights to help reduce downtime risk; make informed, data driven decisions, and provide a consistently positive user experience.

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  • HOSTING Unified Billing and Cost ManagementTM

    HOSTING provides clear, easy to understand invoices for customers using AWS, Azure or any other platform in our Unified Cloud. On average, customers realize more than 15% in annual cost savings through HOSTING Unified Billing and Cost Management services, while eliminating the confusion of complex invoices from massive-scale cloud providers.

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  • HOSTING Unified Security and ComplianceTM

    From compliance risk assessments to 100% Audit Assurance, HOSTING provides a comprehensive suite of availability, recovery and security services to ensure that applications remain in compliance with industry regulations such as HIPAA and PCI. Certified information security systems professionals provide clear, unbiased insights and recommendations to help organizations stay head of cyber threats.

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