• Robust AWS Cloud Tools; Forward-Thinking Solutions

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) has an extensive set of cloud tools, empowering organizations to develop highly customized environments. However, these tools don’t include support resources, leaving many customers challenged to implement and manage their environments on their own. AWS services also don’t include the necessary security and compliance expertise for companies that must adhere to compliance regulations prescribed by HIPAA or PCI.

    Hostway|HOSTING Unified Cloud Services for AWSTM bridges solution gaps by combining the flexibility and scalability of the AWS Cloud Platform with industry-leading managed cloud services. With Hostway|HOSTING Unified Cloud Services for AWS, organizations have the freedom to build, deploy and manage applications in a compliant, secure and highly available environment – backed by the industry’s most aggressive Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

    AWS Cloud Platform experts


    Hostway|HOSTING was first out of the gate to develop a complete unified cloud solution on the AWS Cloud Platform, setting the bar for performance, security and scalability. Hostway|HOSTING AWS cloud experts seamlessly integrate cloud applications across the AWS platform. They guide organizations through the development and migration processes, ensuring that AWS cloud infrastructure meets the exacting requirements of its customers.

    Future-focused planning and support

    • Cloud lifecycle management – Hostway|HOSTING cloud solution experts architect, deploy and provide ongoing management for organization’s solutions. While AWS services typically only address its own tools and infrastructure, Hostway|HOSTING manages an organization’s entire application stack. Through future-focused planning, Hostway|HOSTING cloud architects ensure that each customer’s unique cloud environment meets their evolving business requirements.
    • Cloud security and compliance expertise – Availability, recovery and security services including malware protection, managed patching and file integrity monitoring are integrated into the AWS Cloud environment, ensuring applications remain available and in compliance with industry regulations. Hostway|HOSTING Unified Cloud solutions are also backed by the industry’s tightest, most complete SLAs.
    • Client-driven, always-on support – Hostway|HOSTING customers can call, click or chat to get live 24 x 7 x 365 support from seasoned Tier 2 or Tier 3 support specialists. They can also access a robust set of monitoring and management tools via the Hostway|HOSTING Customer Portal. Hostway|HOSTING support experts resolve issues round the clock – even at 3:00 am.
    • Proactive cost monitoring – AWS billing can be complicated and unpredictable. Hostway|HOSTING helps simplify financial planning with and prevent surprises. Hostway|HOSTING notifies organizations whenever their costs start to trend above their budgetary numbers – and provides clear cut solutions to bring it back to acceptable levels.

    Leverage the power of Hostway|HOSTING Unified Cloud Services for AWS

    • New cloud application development
    • Development and test environments
    • Application migration
    • Disaster Recovery (DR) and High Availability (HA) architecture
    • Compliant cloud hosting

  • Hostway|HOSTING Unified Cloud Services for AWS

    Case Studies

    HOSTING guides Arch Capital Services through a smooth transition from their legacy managed services provider to a managed AWS environment.

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