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    HOSTING Unified Billing and Cost ManagementTM

    Azure billing, AWS billing and any other platform: Simplified and Unified

    HOSTING streamlines financial planning with straightforward quarterly billing, enabling organizations to view spending trends, analyze costs and adjust resource investments. By applying best practices on billing, capacity and financial management, HOSTING oftentimes realizes more than 15% annual cost-savings for our Unified Cloud customers.

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    Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits


    • HOSTING provides clear, easy to understand invoices for customers using AWS, Azure or any other platform in our Unified Cloud
    • HOSTING invoicing services are available to customers with no strings attached – no commitment or migration required.
    • Customers can take advantage of monthly, quarterly and semi-annual usage and spend monitoring services provided by HOSTING
      • Monthly services
        • HOSTING administers and invoices the customer’s in-scope monthly AWS infrastructure fees.
        • HOSTING provides a monthly account review that includes the following:
          • Previous month’s activity
          • Open issues
          • Upcoming customer initiatives
        • Quarterly services
          • Quarterly billing is available for customers whose average monthly spend is less than $50k per month.
          • Alternative arrangements can be established if the average monthly spend is greater than $50k, but will be based on a credit check and services defined in the Statement of Work (SOW).
          • Billing is based on actual usage.
        • Semi-annual services
          • HOSTING reviews customer’s spend trending and maps it back to their business goals.
          • The HOSTING Unified Cloud team develops and presents recommendations to customers regarding ways to better align their infrastructures with business strategies.
          • HOSTING provides customers with recommendations on how to streamline costs and maximize their investments.


    • On average, customers realize more than 15% in annual cost savings through HOSTING Unified Billing and Cost Management services.
      • Centralized billing eliminates the confusion of complex invoices from various cloud providers.
      • Asset management provides a standard naming convention with clear ownership designation of each asset.
      • Decommissioning services turn off any unused components.
      • Capacity and financial management services determine the proper use of dedicated instances.
      • Streamlined change management and purchase processes include protected security access, ensuring organizations pay for only what they use.

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