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    HOSTING Unified Monitoring SolutionsTM

    Achieve clarity in the cloud with advanced network monitoring tools

    Recognizing the IT efficiencies, savings and agility that cloud solutions can provide, organizations are increasingly shifting their workloads to the cloud. However, many IT professionals admit that they are “flying blind” with little or no access to the monitoring tools necessary to achieve visibility into their environments.

    HOSTING Unified Monitoring Solutions provide complete end-to-end visibility into cloud and hybrid environments. Network and server monitoring tools deliver clear insights into usage, performance and cost, along with expert analysis to help enhance performance and reduce unnecessary spend.

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    Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits


    • Server and network monitoring tools enable organizations to track their entire IT portfolio – regardless of location.
    • IT teams can drill down to any part of their technologies such as internal infrastructure, private cloud data centers or resources in the public cloud.
    • Availability and capacity monitoring provides real-time visibility into resource usage and performance.
    • Application monitoring allows organizations to avoid costs associated with risk by preventing problems such as outages, unexpected performance bottlenecks, and unplanned capacity expenditures.
    • Synthetic monitoring simulates the paths of a typical website visitor, tracking these paths for performance issues or errors.
    • Multiple deployment options enable organizations to determine the level of network monitoring needed.
    • Customer-specific log duration provides a historical view into key metrics and collections within a timeframe that that works best for the customer.
    • Monitoring solutions support a variety of platforms including:
      • AWS
      • Azure
      • OpenStack
      • VMware
    • Continuous monitoring of customer environments ensure technology investments are optimized to support key initiatives
    • Detailed dashboards help identify business opportunities and anticipate potential challenges.
    • 24 x 7 x 365 Tier 2 and Tier 3 experts provide swift issue management and incident response.


    • HOSTING Unified Monitoring tools provide end-to-end visibility into cloud and hybrid environments including dedicated cloud and colocation, as well as on-premises devices and applications – all monitored and managed centrally.
      • Identifies costly cloud resource consumption
      • Locates culprit systems
      • Helps avoid potential outages
    • Organizations can access historical data to identify and analyze trends in order to efficiently plan, scale and allocate resources.
    • IT teams can control thresholds for metrics such as memory usage, disk space and bandwidth, identifying and addressing performance issues as they occur.
    • Automatic alerts notify customers to any issues before they impact the end-user experience.

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