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    Cloud Replication Powered by Zerto

    Comprehensive Protection

    HOSTING Cloud Replication™ connects an organization’s on-premises or HOSTING-based cloud production environments with a HOSTING data center for offsite data replication and continuous application availability. The production site and the HOSTING recovery site stay in sync through reliable data replication, facilitated by Zerto.

    The HOSTING replication environment provides a remote, secure copy of data and applications with failover and failback capabilities to bring systems back online in minutes.

    Simplified Management

    With HOSTING Cloud Replication, you get complete control and visibility of your disaster recovery infrastructure including non-disruptive testing. Additionally, customers have on-demand access to real-time reports, historical records and support services.

    Historically, recovery manager solutions have required companies to own multiple data centers, employ highly technical support and maintenance staff, and spend up to 50% of IT budgets to guarantee recovery. HOSTING Cloud Replication enables smaller companies to afford VM protection using a predictable billing model and tiered RPOs to maximize budget and impact of the DR replication plan.

    Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits


    • Offsite cloud replication and continuous application availability
    • Synchronized production and recovery sites via reliable data replication, facilitated Zerto
    • Failover and failback capabilities to bring systems back online in as minutes
    • Real-time reporting, visibility and control


    • Affordable VM protection via a predictable billing model and tiered RPOs
    • Centralized visibility into five critical aspects of cloud environments – availability, performance, security, recovery and capacity
    • Reduced Recovery Time and Point Objectives through continuous journal based replication, automation and orchestration
    • Non-disruptive DR testing ensures that workloads can be recovered successfully in the event of a disaster
    • Point-in-Time recovery allows for recovery to precise points in time
    • Cross-Hypervisor replication supports VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, including replication between platforms
    • Multi-Cloud support for recovery into Amazon Web Services
    • 24 x 7 x 365 expert support
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