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    HOSTING Firewalls

    As cyber threats grow in number and complexity, a comprehensive security program is vital to the availability of an IT infrastructure as well as regulatory compliance. However the time, expertise, and equipment required to implement and maintain optimum security measures can drain IT resources while distracting them from strategic endeavors that can grow the business.

    HOSTING provides organizations with a solid security foundation, regardless of their environment. Using our managed firewall or self-provisioned cloud firewall, we filter unwanted or malicious traffic and proactively protect infrastructure.

    Cloud Firewall™

    Our hypervisor-based, VMsafe-certified Cloud Firewall™ is engineered specifically for virtualized environments and provides more than 10 times the throughput of non-VMsafe firewalls. Using the HOSTING Customer Portal, organizations can control can deploy, view, and manage their firewall. To learn more, download the Cloud Firewall datasheet.

    Managed Firewall

    Our fully managed, dedicated firewall service includes design, implementation, and 24 x 7 support—all backed by varying levels of Service Level Agreements (SLAs).  Plus, we include the associated hardware and software from elite technology provider and HOSTING partner, Juniper Networks. Virtual private networks (VPN), and multifactor authentication (MFA) capabilities provide extra protection and enhancements to the firewall solution. To learn more, download the Managed Firewall datasheet.

    Web Application Firewall™

    Gartner Group estimates that 70% of all security vulnerabilities are at the web application layer. The HOSTING Web Application Firewall™ (WAF) defends organizations from malicious attacks intended to compromise servers or steal customer and corporate data. Applications and websites are protected even as organizations update, change, and expand their code. With WAF, HOSTING delivers out-of-the-box security, deployment, and automatic updates against threats as they emerge.

    Our WAF meets the application layer firewall requirement of PCI DSS 6.6 by creating a security layer in front of the application itself. Web application firewalls focus on protecting against, rather than identifying vulnerabilities. It also offers comprehensive protection against SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and scores of other application-level attacks – right out of the box.

    Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits


    • VMsafe-certified Cloud Firewall™ provides more than 10x the throughput of non-VMsafe firewalls
    • Fully managed, dedicated firewall service includes design, implementation and 24 x 7 x 365 expert support
    • HOSTING Web Application Firewall™ (WAF) defends against malicious attacks


    • Control, deploy, view, and manage firewalls via the HOSTING Customer Portal™
    • Virtual private networks (VPN), and multifactor authentication (MFA) capabilities provide an extra level of protection
    • WAF meets the application layer firewall requirement of PCI DSS 6
    Customer Portal

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