• 2018 SOC Audit Report is Available

    Hostway|HOSTING has completed the 2018 SOC audit and the report is available via this link. In coordination with the independent auditing firm of 360 Advanced, Hostway|HOSTING completed this audit to ensure that we continue to meet the most rigorous requirements and internal controls in our cloud, dedicated and colocation hosting, along with our data center operation practices.

    The Hostway|HOSTING 2018 SOC 3 audit results are available for all six Hostway|HOSTING data centers. To view the SOC 3 report, please click on the seal below.


    Hostway|HOSTING and SOC

    We embrace the SOC standard as a testament to our commitment to one of the largest production workloads in North America – the HostwayHOSTING enterprise-class cloud platform. Our proprietary design framework demands the highest standards for data center operations — standards we are happy and proud to meet.

    Completing a SOC audit assures our customers, partners, suppliers and regulators that Hostway|HOSTING is committed to providing excellence in the quality and compliance of our data center operations. As requested, Hostway|HOSTING is happy to provide customers and prospective clients a SOC 2 and SOC 3 audit report to verify that our controls meet or exceed any cloud, cloud compliance, dedicated and colocation hosting needs. And because these audits are performed by independent auditors, any potential bias is removed from the reports.

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