• Capacity Assessment – Addressing Today’s Challenges and Tomorrow’s Needs

    In today’s fluid business environment, many companies are challenged to balance their immediate business needs while anticipating tomorrow’s needs. Without the benefit of having a “crystal ball,” companies often wonder if their planning for the right opportunities in the cloud. HOSTING’s Advanced Solutions team eases the transition to the cloud and gives organizations peace of mind with our proprietary and proven Capacity Assessment services.

    We begin the journey to the cloud with a deep and collaborative analysis of each client’s existing environment, technologies and operations. After documenting and confirming both the current state and the desired future state, our expert team develops architecture recommendations and a migration plan based on our proprietary Capacity Assessment Framework.

    • Data Collection — HOSTING’s cloud team gathers data over a 30-day business cycle to gain a complete picture of the working environment.
    • Analysis — HOSTING’s DBA experts interpret the collected data to identify performance issues, bottlenecks and under-utilized or over-utilized assets.
    • Review — We thoroughly review of our key findings with each client’s internal IT team to gain further understanding, consensus and buy-in.
    • Business Goals — We collaborate with the organization’s internal team to align our findings with their business goals to ensure that the recommended solution advances revenue and growth goals.
    • Roadmap to the Cloud – We deliver a customized plan that optimizes current infrastructure, recommends future architecture and offers actionable steps to achieve cloud migration.
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