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    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: A New Era in Cloud Computing

    The Gutenberg press changed the face of modern printing. The advent of computerized technology changed the face of modern industry. And today? Today, there is a new breakthrough in how we work, communicate and collaborate.

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    Savvy organizations are loosening the grip of traditional desktop infrastructure by migrating their operations to a secure, reliable cloud desktop architecture. The solution, which is based on virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology, eradicates the cost and risk of deploying individual computers to each staff member. Instead, end-user desktops are safely operated from an off-site data center and accessed via a low-cost client device or traditional PC or laptop. With virtualized desktop infrastructure, no amount of downloaded viruses, lost laptops or spilled beverages will compromise your operations – or your performance.

    Protecting healthcare data information is an imperative within the industry, and compliance and security needs go hand in hand. One of the key benefits of virtual cloud desktops is better security. Cloud desktops centralize content (application desktop and data) access and risk within the data center, where data and individual virtual desktops can more easily be secured and managed.

    Gartner, 2014

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    Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits


    1. Provides a complete virtual desktop infrastructure for a fixed monthly fee
    2. Shared resource model means “power when you need it”
    3. Redundant architecture for high availability
    4. Flexible architecture provides rapid response to business needs
    5. Proactive monitoring provides increased availability and responsiveness
    6. Ubiquitous access for improved productivity and agility
    7. Secure infrastructure reduces security threats
    8. Support for mobile workforces
    9. Improved performance isolation


    1. Compliance Support – With Hostway|HOSTING Cloud Desktop, IT teams can confidently monitor the data, applications and information moving through their systems.
    2. Increased Agility – Organizations can leverage the technology to quickly update desktop images (including operating systems and applications) to meet specific business requirements as they arise.
    3. Long-term Solution – Rather than having to refresh hardware every few years, Hostway|HOSTING Cloud Desktop customers take advantage of modern solutions as they become available, with the access devices often remaining in place for seven years or more.
    4. Unmatched Scalability – Virtual cloud desktop environments are incredibly flexible, allowing organizations to scale virtual desktops up and down with the click of a mouse.
    5. No Hidden Fees – Hostway|HOSTING Cloud Desktop services are kept at a low monthly cost, which includes all servers, networking, patching, antivirus and licensing. Organizations know exactly what they have to pay and when; no surprises.
    6. Capital Budget Recovery – In today’s business environment, capital budgets can be tough to find . . . and keep. Hostway|HOSTING Cloud Desktop replaces that capital requirement with a simple monthly fee, funded through an operating budget.
    7. Any Device, Any Place – The Hostway|HOSTING Cloud Desktop solution gives employees, contract workers, partners and other trusted parties secure access to applications and data from any authorized corporate or personal device (e.g., desktop, laptop, thin appliance, smart phone, etc.).
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