• Cloud Readiness Assessments: A Clear Path to a Successful Cloud Implementation

    Skim though any technology publication or blog, and chances are the top stories involve cloud readiness.

    It’s enough to make any IT leader eager to migrate her organization’s business-critical data and applications to a public, private or hybrid cloud. But with time and budgets at a premium, resource-constrained companies can’t afford an accidental misstep during their journey to the cloud. The Hostway|HOSTING Cloud Readiness Assessment™ provides a clear, objective roadmap for successfully implementing a cloud solution based upon a thorough analysis of an organization’s current technology environment, business cycles and strategic direction.

    Hostway|HOSTING cloud readiness experts work with IT teams to assess their technology environments, maximize asset utilization and refine their vision for the cloud. A key component of our cloud readiness assessment is the Hostway|HOSTING Capacity Planning Assessment™ solution. It provides a comprehensive analysis of server usage over a specific business cycle including CPU, memory, disk volume and performance. IT teams receive a clear picture of which assets may be over-utilized or underutilized. They can then rebalance them as necessary to realize maximum cost and operational efficiencies.

    The Hostway|HOSTING Cloud Readiness Assessment™ empowers organizations to:

    • Gain clarity as to which applications to move to the cloud
    • Accelerate the migration of legacy applications to the cloud
    • Define and prioritize which aspects of its infrastructure to move to the cloud
    • Avoid any development and implementation delays which could impact time-to-market for new initiatives
    • Ensure that all existing processes and procedures are aligned to the cloud
    • Reduce the cost of application maintenance by shifting applications to lower-cost platforms
    • Reduce operational risk while improving application availability and performance

    The Hostway|HOSTING team of cloud solution architects possesses in-depth business knowledge, combined with unmatched cloud technology expertise. They’ll work to pinpoint any gaps between your current and future states and provide a preliminary roadmap that identifies key cloud readiness actions based on your business goals.

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