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    Proactive, Failsafe Planning for Cloud Computing Security

    Some of the largest retailers, healthcare organizations and government agencies have experienced the pain of a critical data breach within the last year.

    While these kinds of catastrophic events put everyone on edge, even a seemingly minor data breach can result in insurmountable loss to revenue and reputation. The good news is that most data breaches are opportunity-driven. Therefore, a stringent cloud security assessment such as those offered by leading cloud service providers can identify and address infrastructure weaknesses early on – before they become front-page news.

    The HOSTING Cloud Computing Security Assessment Service™ offers complete and verified analysis of the entire IT environment to prepare for unforeseen threats – without unnecessary investment in hardware or software.

    HOSTING offers choice of two cloud security assessments tailored to your unique business needs:

    Security Threat Exposure Assessment

    Our security experts review eight critical areas of cloud computing security exposure. We provision our proprietary Security Assessment Scorecard to identify key weaknesses in an organization’s infrastructure.

    Specific Threat Assessment

    We engage in a deep-dive evaluation of an organization’s self-identified top priority threat areas. Our analysts then provide a detailed report outlining specific exposures along with the cloud computing security solutions necessary.

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    How it Works

    How it Works

    Our propriety Cloud Security Assessment Framework includes the following steps:

    • Testing – Our cloud computing security experts thoroughly assess an organization’s infrastructure to pinpoint any possible pockets of vulnerability.
    • Review – We analyze current security processes, procedure documentation and internal controls as well as adherence by staff, vendors and contractors.
    • Collaboration — Our close partnership with internal teams and other stakeholders allows us to prioritize and address identified issues.

    Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits


    • Security assessment options to address broad-based threats or evaluate an organization’s self-identified, “top priority” threats
    • Testing, analysis and evaluation of eight critical security areas
    • Proprietary cloud computing security assessment and toolset
    • Security assessments conducted by HOSTING security and compliance experts


    • Complete and verified analysis of the entire IT environment to prepare for unforeseen threats without unnecessary hardware or software investments
    • Pinpoint and address specific threat vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently
    • Security controls align with those required to achieve HIPAA compliance and PCI compliance
    • 24 x 7 x 365 expert support
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