Raise Your Security IQ with HOSTING and Alert Logic’s 2014 Cloud Security Webinar

Widespread acceptance of cloud computing in enterprise IT has resulted in unprecedented business opportunities – and security risks.  According to Alert Logic’s recently released 2014 Cloud Security Report, nearly half of cloud hosting customers are impacted by web application attacks, brute force attacks and vulnerability scans. Rather than rely on legacy approaches to security, organizations must find solutions that are cloud-specific and contain advanced security content and analytics.

Feeling insecure? Join HOSTING and Alert Logic on Thursday, May 15 at 3 p.m. EST for an exclusive webinar on 2014 cloud security trends. Eric Hutts, Vice President of Strategic Accounts at HOSTING, and Stephen Coty, Chief Security Evangelist at Alert Logic, will review and discuss key findings from the 2014 Cloud Security Report including: cyber security outlook 2014

  • Trends that threaten both cloud and on-premises security
  • Incident classifications and what geographic areas are most vulnerable
  • How the rise of “Shadow IT” is impacting cloud security solutions
  • How deploying “honeypots” can provide critical insights regarding the types of threats being launched against the cloud
  • Essential elements in a security solution that enterprises should implement to protect their cloud workloads

While IT professionals are racing to secure their organizations’ cloud computing environments, they need to understand the types of threats for which they’re at risk and evaluate whether their existing security measures offer the right protection. Register here to learn more.

Are you ready to store and protect your business-critical assets with rock-solid cloud security? Contact HOSTING to learn how our cloud security experts can craft a custom solution for you.


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