• Is your head in the cloud? Are you a great blogger or content creator that would like to share your cloud computing expertise? If so, consider becoming a guest blogger for Hostway|HOSTING!

    Successful guest blog articles should clearly demonstrate that you are a thought leader or subject matter expert for cloud computing. Post topics may include, but are not limited to, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud solutions, storage, security, compliance, infrastructure migration, disaster recovery, business critical applications, customer experience, and more!

    Guest Blog Requirements

    • Original, well written work. (Google frowns upon duplicate content and so does Hostway|HOSTING!)
    • A short, (two or three sentence) author bio including one link to your own website or blog.
    • Limited self-promotion in your blog post. The content should be to teach and inform, not to sell.
    • A professional photo or headshot that you have permission to use.
    • A maximum of two outbound links in your blog post that can link to your own website or blog.
    • Proper credit for content that is not your own.
    • Posts should be 400-500 words, but the real priority is original, high-quality content. If your blog post is more than 1,000 words consider breaking it up so Hostway|HOSTING can publish a series.
    • Submit in a word document and attach images separately.

    Hostway|HOSTING Fine Print

    • If Hostway|HOSTING posts your content, please don’t publish it on another blog or website. We want to keep our friends at the search engines happy, so please share and link to it on the Hostway|HOSTING blog!
    • Hostway|HOSTING reserves the right to edit, modify or change content as necessary.

    Share your Ideas. Share Someone’s Content. Don’t Steal.

    At Hostway|HOSTING, two of our core values are integrity and the Golden Rule. Online, this translates to sharing content – not stealing. And, if someone has created something you really like it’s appropriate to cite it, but give credit where deserved! An example of properly cited content is: “According to Verizon’s Annual Data Breach Investigation Report, 40% of breaches remain undiscovered for months or years after compromise occurs.”

    How to Submit a Hostway|HOSTING Blog Post

    Hostway|HOSTING is always looking for quality content! Please be sure to review the Hostway|HOSTING Guest Blog Requirements and submit everything to GuestBlogs@HOSTING.com.

    After reviewing your post, a member of the Hostway|HOSTING digital content team will contact you regarding next steps. Please be aware that missing elements for your blog post submission may delay publishing.

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