Respect and Accountability – The Cornerstone of a Great Organization

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Successful organizational management necessitates timely and effective team commitment. Project managers are required to strike a balance between respect and accountability as they ensure every team member – from front line employees to business executives and decision makers – fulfill their commitments effectively. An honest message or conversation may ensure sufficient accountability, but doesn’t necessarily maintain a positive working environment at the workplace where everyone works to maximize their potential and surpass expectations.

It is important to note that entrepreneurial success depends on the shared values that exist between employees. A network of employees that supports and encourages each other can yield the best out of the limited resources available to your organization. And indeed, this is a common goal among many project management models, including Agile, Scrum and DevOps.
In practice, respect must form the foundation of accountability.  Treat the majority before the minority or the individual – especially applicable to CEOs and other key business decision makers. The umbrella of respect should cover all living things, your elders, your team and even yourself. Don’t overlook the customs, norms and rituals that are valuable to individuals in your organization. Show respect to everyone when they are present and avoid disrespecting them behind their back. Don’t point fingers at others even when you’re right. Better yet, point to solutions that would address the issues. This is especially important in the professional work culture where trust gets broken.

At the same time, it’s important to understand that it takes courage and trust to accept the truth that results from accountability. This concept applies to everyone in the organization. Even the CEOs should be held accountable for their actions. Accountability necessitates a strong focus on truth, openness, commitment, respect and courage to deliver results. Employees who cooperate in this regard help establish a positive work culture. The organization as collective entity comprising of respectful, honest and committed professionals achieves great results not only because of strong sales and growth, but also because of the positive workforce culture and strong values of respect and accountability.

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