Safeguarding PCI Data in the Cloud [WHITE PAPER]

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Is achieving and maintaining PCI compliance on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Smart move. Today’s cybercriminals are well-educated, well-organized and well-funded – as indicated by the multi-bank, billion-dollar cyberheist detected by Kaspersky Lab earlier this year. Hackers infiltrated the networks of more than 100 banks in over 30 countries, using tactics such as phishing and gaining access to key resources, including employee account credentials and privileges, to make fraudulent transactions appear legitimate. Yet despite these attention-getting breaches, many executives choose to remain on the sidelines when asked about moving their critical information assets to the cloud. According to research by 451 Group, data privacy and security, along with access and control of their data, are the top concerns voiced by executives considering a move to the cloud.

Top security concerns for cloud computing 

  • Data Privacy and Security – 41%
  • Access and Control – 35%
  • Auditing and Compliance – 32%
  • Control of Data – 26%
  • Security Models/Toolsets – 18%

Source – 451 Research

Evaluating cloud providers for PCI compliance

Securing PCI data in the cloud can be achieved – without unnecessary risk. In our latest white paper, Safeguarding PCI Data in the Cloud, HOSTING outlines the specific, appropriate steps required by PCI DSS to ensure the security of sensitive cardholder payment information. We also list essential elements that organizations should look for when evaluating PCI compliant cloud-based solutions including:

  • Criteria for protecting stored PCI data
  • How access to cardholder data is restricted
  • Best practices for enabling comprehensive security intelligence

HOSTING PCI compliant cloud hosting solutions

HOSTING is one of the few cloud hosting providers that offers comprehensive, PCI compliant cloud hosting solutions backed by HOSTING 100% Audit Assurance. A key component is the HOSTING Data Security Solution which enables organizations to meet a variety of compliance requirements (i.e., PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, GBLA and SOX) through a suite of security and reporting features:

  • Systematic controls that prohibit unauthorized internal and external users from accessing sensitive data
  • Capabilities for encrypting data, controlling access, and creating granular security intelligence logs
  • Protection of databases, files, and big data across the entire organization
  • Security intelligence logs that can accelerate detection of advanced persistent threats (APTs) and insider threats by offering visibility into file access or attempts to access protected data

Download our complimentary white paper for more tips to help you PCI compliance. You can also view our on-demand webinar, Safeguarding PCI Data in the Cloud, for more information.

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