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    Driving Revenue and Delivering Products Digitally.

    Silicon Valley visionary Marc Andreessen authored an article for the Wall Street Journal entitled Why Software is Eating the World. And a shot was heard around the world.

    Required reading for every business student and C-level executive, Andreessen listed multiple examples of how businesses and entire industries have migrated online and to the cloud. He also pointed out how available technologies can quickly and cost-effectively deliver new products online on a global scale. As an example, more than a decade ago, the cost of a customer running a basic Internet application was approximately $150,000 a month. Today, it costs a fraction of that amount.

    Welcome to the Cloud Economy

    Modern Web-facing applications generally fall into three broad categories:

    • Browser-based customer and partner portals
    • Digital product delivery services
    • Back-end systems that drive the latest generation of dedicated mobile applications

    Organizations must weave all three of these into a cohesive presence that provides an always on, seamless customer experience. Yet they often lack the necessary operational infrastructure and expertise in-house. Hostway|HOSTING is an excellent partner to leverage in these scenarios.

    Hostway|HOSTING cloud experts collaborate with an organization’s application developers to design and build a cost-effective managed cloud environment that scales as the business grows.  We then incorporate availabilityrecovery and security services that our tailored to each organization’s unique business requirements – now and in the future.

    With lower start-up costs and a vastly expanded market for online services, migrating to the cloud is a logical next chapter for most companies.

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