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    Public Sector Benefits Realization.

    There’s no question that both public sector and non-profit organizations are facing the bind of tighter-than-ever budgets along with increased user expectations for the robust performance of all online services.

    Entities in this sector demand stringent security, regulatory compliance and highly available solutions, accompanied by a dedicated support staff that can move quickly to solve issues as they arise. Hostway|HOSTING infrastructure offers Windows, Unix and Linux systems, a full gamut of compliance solutions (including HIPAA and PCI ) and the ability to migrate securely between dedicated and cloud solutions with hybrid hosting.

    Trends and Challenges in Government and Non-Profit Hosting

    As the market evolves, so too do the needs of the public and non-profit sectors. Hostway|HOSTING cloud experts have identified the following trends and challenges that these organizations are currently navigating:

    • User Experience – Users of government and non-profit websites have increasingly high expectations for site usability, speed, service delivery and reliability
    • Financial Constraints – Tighter budgets mean that government agencies are investing more money in outcomes and less money on infrastructure and processes
    • Data Protection – Protecting constituent and user information and infrastructure privacy on every level is of critical importance
    • High Availability – 24 × 7 government and non-profit services have become a requirement both for employees and constituents
    • Diverse Communication Mechanisms – To remain competitive and protect brand reputation, both government agencies and NGOs must find new and reliable ways to reach end-users
    • Disaster Recovery – Ability to to recover quickly from an emergency is a deciding factor on choosing a service provider

    To meet market needs for these diverse and important agencies, Hostway|HOSTING offers PCI-certified and SOC 2- and SOC 3-audited data centers and PCI and HIPAA compliance solutions. In addition, our robust and flexible security architecture – including a multiple site disaster recovery solution – meets both internal and regulatory security requirements at a fraction of the cost of implementing in-house.

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    Our Government & Education Customers

    • City of Wilmington, DE – Incorporated in 1739, the City of Wilmington prides itself on providing exceptional quality of life services for its citizens. Wilmington’s charming history and premier location make it one of the most beautiful cities in the South.
    • University of Virginia – The University of Virginia is a public research university in Charlottesville, VA. It was conceived and designed by U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, and established in 1819.
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