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    Streaming and broadcast media, virtual environments and online gaming are creating new business opportunities – and complex cloud hosting challenges.

    Online games, specifically massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs), have a complex architecture which is difficult to maintain, resulting in large amounts of diverse data. Online media companies are also contributing to the data glut via web-based promotions designed to gather increasing amounts of customer data.

    Rapidly changing business models in the media and entertainment industries require a cloud hosting advisor who can provide always on, scalable solutions that empower organizations to catch the next wave of online opportunity. Hostway|HOSTING works collaboratively with IT teams to architect a customized solution that provides maximum uptime, flexible storage options, high availability, and on-demand scalability.

    Our colocated, dedicated and hybrid hosting solutions meet the needs of media and entertainment businesses that run secure web and SaaS applications, but don’t want the capital expense of managing a self-hosted environment. Our ITIL-certified team of solution architects craft a range of custom cloud environments that can scale to changing customer demands – whether they need a pilot campaign cloud or a full-blown enterprise solution.

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    Our Media & Entertainment Customers


    • Conde Nast Publications – A mass media company headquartered in the Condé Nast Building in New York City. The company attracts more than 164 million consumers across its 20 print and digital media brands including Glamour, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and GQ.
    • F+W Media – Founded in 1913, the company publishes magazines, books, digital products including e-books and e-magazines, produces online video, offers online education, and owns and operates 21 e-stores, as well as consumer and trade shows.
    • National Cinemedia – Operates NCM Media Networks, an integrated media company reaching U.S. consumers in movie theaters, online and through mobile technology.
    • NBC Universal Media – an American media and entertainment company–and the world’s largest mass media–engaged in the production and marketing of entertainment, news and information products to a global customer base. The company owns and operates American TV networks, cable channels and motion picture companies.
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