• Overview

    Your Software, Our Cloud.

    There’s no question that software providers have the expertise to store, manage and monitor their applications – but, for optimal outcomes, shouldn’t they focus on their customers instead?

    By shifting their applications to Hostway|HOSTING, ISVs and SaaS developers offload the burden of ensuring their applications are running at maximum performance levels 24 x7 x 365. They also streamline their operations, maximize their investments and keep their attention where it needs to be: on their users.

    The Benefits of the Hostway|HOSTING Cloud

    Migrating to the cloud with the wrong provider can be a painful, expensive experience. Hostway|HOSTING handles hundreds of cloud migrations a year. Our certified cloud experts ensure that cloud migrations are done right the first time – without any “trial by error.” This enables software providers to not only accelerate their go-to-market strategies but also to save money.

    Hostway|HOSTING cloud pros begin each cloud migration with a detailed assessment of their customers’ current and future resource needs. Post-migration, they continuously monitor utilization and adjust resource allocation as needed to minimize or even eliminate unnecessary capacity. Bottom line: our clients only pay for what they use – period.

    Learn more about our Compliant Hosting offerings, and how they can help your organization meet the administrative, physical and technical safeguards of HIPAA / HITECH.

    Secure, Compliant Cloud Solutions

    Software organizations rely on Hostway|HOSTING to deliver a secure, always-on cloud hosting environment. We have between 99.999% – 100% facility uptime, backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs). For those organizations that have specific compliance requirements, Hostway|HOSTING owns and operates six geographically-dispersed data centers audited for SOC 2 and SOC 3. Led by our dedicated, in-house Chief Information Security Officer, the Hostway|HOSTING compliance team helps companies achieve and maintain compliance for HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOX.

    Cloud Experts in Your Corner

    Hostway|HOSTING Advanced Solutions leverages the experience gained from thousands of client engagements to provide software and technology organizations with a solid foundation for growth and agility. We deploy proven, proprietary methodologies to address each company’s unique business needs, enable increased benefits realization, and support long-term growth.

    Your Cloud the Way You Want It

    Unlike other cloud providers, Hostway|HOSTING can seamlessly integrate server architectures (colocation, dedicated, cloud) into a single, unified environment. Our cloud environments are designed to be flexible and scalable – allowing organizations to adjust resources and configurations on the fly.

    Industry-leading Customer Service

    Hostway|HOSTING has set the bar for customer service in the cloud industry as evidenced by our industry-leading Net Promote Score (NPS). By providing multiple communication channels and customizable online tools, our customers have unmatched visibility and support for their cloud computing environments.

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    Our Software Customers

    • Drawloop – The company creates a repeatable process for creating, managing and sending documents entirely in Salesforce that improves accuracy and team productivity.
    • Indisoft – A technology development company that develops, licenses and supports Software as a Service model for default servicing in the financial services industry.
    • IQ Navigator – The company provides services procurement solutions through its vendor management system and managed services offerings.
    • Pacific Technology Solutions – The company provides software solutions and technology delivery solutions for a wide range of organizations looking to increase functionality and operational efficiency.
    • Technology Reflections – A small web design company located in Leonardtown, MD that provides web design solutions for small businesses and non-profit organizations.
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