• It’s Better in the Cloud.

    In an industry where speed to market is imperative, HOSTING cloud solutions provide immediate payback for application developers.

    Development assets can be uploaded to the cloud environment quickly, allowing for streamlined building, testing and deployment.

    The HOSTING public cloud provides a fail-safe, fully redundant, distributed environment, enabling application developers to take advantage of the following benefits:

    • The ability to self-provision development and testing environments. HOSTING solutions eliminate the need to wait for hardware and software to arrive at a data center, accelerating application builds.
    • The ability to quickly push applications into production and to scale those applications as required.
    • The ability to collaborate with other developers, architects and designers on application development.

    Recent industry surveys found that leveraging cloud platforms reduces overall development time by an average of 12%. No wonder global organizations rely on HOSTING to help them save time, reduce their costs and accelerate their speed to market.

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