• Journey From the Back Office to the Cloud.

    As any business owner will tell you, the back office is the heart of operations.

    Sure, the front office might have the flash and dazzle to win new customers or build brand equity, but the back office is where the applications that are truly critical to the business and its mission live. If these applications fail to deliver as expected, the organization will struggle to thrive.

    And the CIOs are the ones tasked with ensuring that all of these applications are meeting and exceeding performance goals. At all times. Without fail.

    It’s a tough job – made all the tougher by continued pressure to reduce costs while maintaining or even bettering service levels. Hostway|HOSTING understands. We’ve been there with thousands of our customers. And we’ve helped them deploy the services necessary to meet the rigorous and unique requirements of business-critical back office applications.

    And we’re ready to help you too.

    As recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting for the last three years running, our services are unlike other cloud hosting providers. We focus on enabling not just technical achievement but business achievement. That means we provide the tools, services and support necessary for IT departments to focus on the initiatives that drive true growth and recognition – while we make sure everything is taken care of on the back end. And our culture of service means you’re never left swinging in the cold.

    From instituting disaster recovery plans to ensuring regulatory compliance obligations are met to providing the highest tier of critical availability services, Hostway|HOSTING will work with you to prioritize and implement the technologies and processes your business needs to keep humming. And we’ll do it all with a smile.

    Contact Us today for more information about our cloud services for business-critical back office applications.

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