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    Companies that depend on eCommerce applications to drive revenue are used to serving demanding and experienced customers who not only expect but require a quick, secure and reliable online buying experience.

    And if they don’t get it? They’re out of there. Probably never to return.

    In addition to meeting and exceeding customer demands for a seamless online experience, eCommerce companies also have to harness the power and capabilities of both mobile shopping and social networking. People are buying, chatting, sharing experiences, comparing prices, communicating directly with companies and educating themselves about products and prices in every way imaginable. The days of carefully controlling a customer’s interaction with the product and brand are over. And the savvy e-tailers are the ones embracing this change.

    As companies hustle to incorporate support for dedicated mobile applications and social networking into their platforms, the development and deployment of next generation eCommerce applications has, predictably, skyrocketed.

    All of these applications require significant IT infrastructure and expertise to operate successfully and reliably 24 x 7. All of these applications require Hostway|HOSTING.

    Hostway|HOSTING serves eCommerce companies that don’t want to dedicate the resources necessary to make IT operations a core competency. We work with in-house application developers to design and build a cost-effective managed cloud environment that can scale up and down to accommodate buying peaks and valleys.

    Our solutions also incorporate the most trusted availability, recovery and security services available on the market today to ensure that your eCommerce applications remain always available to your customers – and that you maintain compliance with the government regulations, including PCI, that affect your industry.

    The end result? Hostway|HOSTING experts seamlessly managing your entire infrastructure so that you can focus on what matters most to you: your customers.

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